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Wolf ZKADE/V Sealing Element with Cellular Rubber for Telecommunication Cables

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The universal sealing system for cable ducts, cable distributors and service entries in the telecommunications sector. For duct ID Ø 40 - 150 mm. For installations in running or standing water. 4 x reusable.
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Tight against gas diffusion, dust, water (5 m water column) and chemical mixtures.

  • The high-quality, robust aluminium laminate
    • Adapts flexibly to the sealing area, independently of cable diameter and configuration or contamination by dirt
    • Ensures a long service life
    • Is resistant to chemical mixtures pH2 to pH12, fuels etc.
  • Coated with cellular rubber product group WO 24.2 ZK-DBK
    • Ensures tightness up to 0.5 bar/ 5 m water column immediately on contact with water
    • For installations in running or stagnant water
    • Allows quick, easy removal (2 min). No adhesion! Makes damage-free removal possible
  • The patented car tyre valve construction
    • Is simply inflated with compressed air (CO2-free!)
    • Makes on-site overpressure inflation technology simple
    • Allows flexible adaptation of the inflated cushion to fit the surrounding space and prevents buckling of cables and ducts or changes in technical transmission properties
    • Facilitates quick removal of air after cable retrofitting, by using accessory vacuum pump 33 VMSP or by changing the valve insert
    • Facilitates damage-free removal and re-installation


ZKADE/V sealing elements with a valve are reusable seals (Fibre Optics CT patent, registered under EP 17972224.3) with a cellular rubber coating, equivalent to the coating with swelling material (QADE/V-L), which has had undiminished success on the market since 2013.

Application-specific requirements, such as installation under running or standing water, created the need for the new technology with cellular rubber.

The sealing element (valve) fulfils the requirements of the T-Com TS 0307/96 (Approval No. Wolf 2005-08-11 ADE 100 (valve)).

Wolf sealing elements provide the user with a durable, reliable seal in a temperature range -15°C to +30°C (+45°C for a short period of 4h).

Sealing cushion materials:
  • The flat tube cushion is made of a five-layered aluminium laminate.
  • The high quality of both material and processing guarantees a very low diffusion/leak rate of ~ 0.73 mbarl / year and ensures a long service life.
The filling unit:
  • In order to be able to fill the sealing cushion several times (4 times), a patented metal air valve with a plastic-coated valve extension is connected to the sealing cushion by means of a heat-seal welding process.
  • The pressure is filled via a pressure hose, which is plugged onto the sealing cushion to fill the car valve. After the pressure has been filled, the valve is sealed pressure-tight with the valve cap.
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Manufacturer Wolf Kabeltechnik
Type Sealing Elements
Industry Installers and Contractors (OSP), Carriers, Service and Content Providers, Campus Networks, Mining, Off-shore and Remote, Security, Utilities
Applications Access Construction (Underground, Aerial), Drop Construction (Aerial, Underground), Telecommunications (Back Bone, Metro & Long-haul)
Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
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