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All-in-one lapping and polishing workstation for the production of flat surfaces. Advanced control and process features for accurate processing of electronic components.
  • Angular control can be further enhanced with the patented laser ULTRACOLLIMATOR option.


Ultra Tec


Ultra Tec ULTRAPOL Advance Flat Lapping and Polishing Machine

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Availability: Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days



  • Better delayering results - The ULTRACOLLIMATOR option allows for improved parallelism, improving the ‘sweet spot’ of the delayered surface
  • Fast & repeatable alignment - precise 2-circle tilt-adjust, coupled with high quality linear bearings in the Z-axis provide for optical alignment that does not wander
  • Slurry polishing - A recirculating pump may be added, in addition to the standard coolant system. Slurries are held within a drip tray for easy disposal, or re-use
  • Avoids cross-contamination - The unique slurry / drip tray concept allows convenient removal and cleaning of all items that come into contact with abrasives and polishing media
  • Industry-leading supplier - ULTRA TEC has supplied sawing, lapping & polishing equipment to the high-tech industries for over 30 years. Our ASAP-1, ARC-lite, MULTIPOL & ULTRAPOL products have set the standard for sample preparation


Technician lapping with ULTRAPOL End & Edge Polisher

Topside delayered IC showing no edge-rounding

ULTRAPOL Advance has been designed to be an all-in-one lapping & polishing workstation for the production of flat surfaces. Advance’s unbeatable combination of advanced control and process features allow for the accurate processing of modern generations of IC’s

Key applications of the technology include:

  • Topside electronic de-processing - enabled by the advanced angular control and optical enhancements such as ULTRACOLLIMATOR
  • Backside preparation of packages and wafers, particularly for flip-chips - and rapid global thinning of larger surfaces
  • Cross-sectioning of die and package-level devices

Along with Ultra Tec’s signature Quick Release interface and workholder technologies, ULTRAPOL Advance offers completely new designs for sample loading, oscillation and tilt alignment.

Fast and convenient sample movement between polisher & microscope, coupled with the option of the ULTRACOLLIMATOR optical alignment system, provides reference to the die -- a huge improvement over earlier generation polishers.

The system allows recirculating slurry polishing (key for many delayering operations) as well as standard faucet coolant. For aggressive material removal operations (such as the back-thinning of larger flip chips), a 'Power polish' mode is incorporated that rotates the sample during processing.

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3250.1 ULTRAPOL Advance

Polishing system, includes...

Base unit with timer, oscillator, speed control (50 to 400rpm), 8” (200mm)
Polishing plate Sample Z-direction control with 1µm precision
Mechanical alignment indicator 2 circle tilt control (+/- 2 degrees)
Sample Rotation control Quick release interface mounting system 2 sample mounting plates and start-up accessory kit
Sample Load Control – 0 to 3 kg (in 50 gram increments)
Drip Tray / Slurry Containment Tray


Laser Alignment upgrade, includes...

Main unit, incorporating laser module, cross-hair generator, and 6.5 inch lcd monitor, with Video Out (NTSC) 
Includes optical flat and mounting bracket for ULTRAPOL advance

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Type Polishing Machine
Size / Operation Benchtop
Applications High-Yield Manufacturing, Digital Forensics, Lapping and Polishing, Research and Development
Standard Package Contains
Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
Authorised distributor, benefit from manufacturer-backed, local warranty coverage, genuine parts, and our experienced local support team

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