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Processing equipment for specialty optical fibers commonly used in the medical device industry, including large diameter fibers and special coating materials. Special processes for medical device manufacturing, including polyimide coating removal, large diameter splicing, and high-volume automated fiber assembly manufacturing.

Clients supported

  • ANU
  • ASC
  • BAE Systems
  • DST Group
  • Massey University
  • Monash University
  • Optus
  • Telstra
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Queensland

Featured medical solutions

Fiber preparation equipment and specialty splicing applications

AusOptic is a specialist provider of fiber processing, preparation and test equipment for your high strength and advanced splicing applications.

Large Diameter Fiber Processing (LDF)

Processing for fiber diameters up to 2.5mm. Cleaving, Splicing, Tapering, End Capping, and Bundling (Pump Combiners).

Explore the range of LDF processing solutions

Large Diameter Fiber Processing (LDF)

Fiber Optic Combiners

Optical Combiner Development (OCD) system featuring 3SAE Ring of Fire® technology for Pump Combiner manufacturing.

View OCD equipment range

Fiber Optic Combiners

Fiber Optic Stripping

Solutions for stripping acrylate, polyimide, carbon and specialty coatings featuring 3SAE Thermal-mechanical, Burst™ and Plasma Technology.

Explore specialist fiber stripping tools

Fiber Optic Stripping

Fiber Optic Cleaning

Featuring ultrasonic and plasma cleaning technologies essential for high performance fiber applications.

View the range of cleaning solutions

Fiber Optic Cleaning

Fiber Optic Cleaving

Advanced cleaving and polishing equipment to minimise cleave angles and maximise surface quality for fiber diameters, 80um to 2.5mm.

Browse cleaving tools

Fiber Optic Cleaving

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Fiber Fusion Splicers utilising 2 and 3 electrode plasma technology for low loss, high strength standard and specialty splicing up to 2.5mm.

Compare fusion splicers

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Fiber Optic Test & Measurement

Precision measurement and proof testing of optical fibers. Backscatter reflectometerty with spatial resolution down to 10 microns.

Advanced test equipment range

Fiber Optic Test & Measurement

Fiber End-face Interferometer & Visual Inspection Tools

From handheld inspection scopes to full interferometric fiber end-face inspection systems with automated analysis and 3D surface topography.

View inspection equipment

Fiber End-face Interferometer & Visual Inspection Tools

High Performance Lapping & Polishing

Flat lapping, end and edge polishing machines. Generate very flat and highly polished end faces, with consistent results for round and shaped fibers.

Browse lapping and polishing range

High Performance Lapping & Polishing
Medical equipment range

Medical equipment range

Explore our handpicked range of medical sector equipment and solutions, customised to meet the unique needs of your research, surgical and clinical applications.

Explore the medical selection

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