PacketLight Optical Networking Solutions

WDM and Dark Fiber Applications for Carriers and Enterprise


Complete Solutions Set for WDM and Dark Fiber Applications

PacketLight’s carrier-class CWDM, DWDM and OTN optical platforms offer the flexibility to build a cost-effective, highly efficient network for enterprises, telcos and managed services providers. PacketLight products are compact highly integrated solutions that meet the challenges faced by operators with simplified plug and play deployment and easy management for transport networks, data centers, storage facilities and enterprise connectivity.

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What differentiates PacketLight WDM?

The PacketLight product portfolio features:

Carrier Grade Reliability

PacketLight Networks offers reliable, carrier grade CWDM, DWDM and OTN solutions that ensure access to business and critical data while protecting investment with scalable, pay-as-you grow architecture without service disruption, and carrier class service with guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Rich High-end Feature Set

PacketLight’s unique, integrated (1U) architecture is carrier grade feature rich and allows scalability, manageability and ease of use and maintenance to support any WDM infrastructure from simple Point-to-Point networks to carrier class metro access rings and linear add-and-drop networks.

Flexibility and Scalability

PacketLight’s product suite offers multirate Transponders, Muxponders, Optical Amplification, pluggable optics and ROADM to provide unlimited flexibility to build a cost effective, scalable, highly efficient optical network infrastructure for carriers, enterprise campuses and data centers.

Compact, Low Power Consumption Solution

PacketLight products present the leading edge in small footprint WDM products. They have the highest port density in 1U footprint, thus decreasing the cost of space and power consumption, the two issues that are the biggest challenges for data centers and central offices.

Operate Your Network With Ease

PacketLight’s NMS/EMS LightWatch and the built-in free web based management tools provide remote configuration, performance monitoring, fault management, and ease of administration capabilities that enable a user to quickly adapt to the equipment without complicated education process.

Solutions that Provide Solid Savings

PacketLight’s modular design allows customers true pay-as-you-grow architecture to significantly decrease CAPEX. In addition, simplified operation and remote management eliminate high maintenance cost decreasing the overall OPEX of the organisation.

PacketLight PL-1000GM

100G and 200G Metro and Long Haul Muxponder/Transponder Platforms

PacketLight’s product platform PL-1000GM/GT/T is unique 1RU Metro and Long Haul 100G Muxponder/ Transponder. The PL-1000GM/GT/T is an OIF standards based 1RU 100G platform that aggregates Multirate Multiprotocol 8G/10G and 40G services such as 10G/40G Eth, 8G/10G FC and OC192/STM64, OTU2/OTU3 in a single 100G OTU4 uplink trunk. PacketLight’s 100G solutions offer multirate transport capability and a smooth transition from 10G/40G to 100G client interfaces. All solutions can operate over existing 10G networks and seamlessly grow to 100G network. The PL-1000T supports CFP2 and can be used as 100G OTU4 Transponder or as 100G Ethernet media convertor.

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PacketLight PL-1000TE

OTN Transponder Platform

The PL-1000TN is a carrier-class 1U metro CWDM/DWDM platform with a built-in OTN option for transporting 10Gbps of data, SDH/SONET and storage applications over dark fiber and WDM networks. PL-1000TN capabilities, dimensions and competitive cost make it the ideal solution for evolving Metro Ethernet networks, long distance enterprise networks as well as central office connectivity and backbone networks. The 1000TN supports up to six 10G services. Each service is configured independently, using PacketLight’s user-friendly web-based management tool.

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PacketLight PL-1000TN

Metro Networks Low Latency Transponder Platforms

PacketLight’s 1000TE/PL-1000/PL-400 are all-in-one optical transponders, Low Latency, C/DW Multirate transponder. The product suite, supporting 8G FC, 10G and 16G FC as well as sub-se PacketLight platforms provide rich feature set, cost effective compact 1U and low power consumption Transponder based solution. They are designed as efficient transport devices and support a full spectrum of sub-10G and 8G/10G and 16G FC services used for data, SAN, Video and SDH/SONET networks. All our platforms are CLE equipment ideal for satisfying Data Center and Enterprise Transport Needs.

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PacketLight PL-1000TE Crypto

Layer-1 Encryption over DWDM and CWDM

PL-1000TE-Crypto provides transparent low latency layer-1 encryption solution for both Ethernet and Fiber Channel protocols up to 80G in compact 1U chassis. The PL-1000TE-Crypto is a multi-rate, multiservice DWDM transponder supporting innovative cryptographic capability for 1G/10G/40G Ethernet LAN and 4/8/10/16G FC storage services. With this capability, the PL-1000TE-Crypto provides added security benefit to any DWDM or OTN link by encrypting the data passing between the sites.

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PacketLight PL-1000TE

Long-range 40G Transport Solutions

PacketLight provides two unique solutions extending the reach of 40G :

  1. By bundling 4x10G transponders, the PacketLight PL-1000TE connects directly to the 40G QSFP+ interface on the switches, thus providing a low latency, and low cost solution reaching up to 120Km distances with full performance while saving the expenses of upgrading your network and layer-2 layer-3 infrastructure to 100G.
  2. PacketLight’s 100G products, PL-1000GM for metro networks, and PL-1000GT for Long Haul, allow transport of up to 2x40G Ethernet protocols through QSFP+ LR4/SR4 transceivers, thus extending the reach of 40G ETH up to 2,500Km DWDM, over dark fiber or OTN infrastructure.

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PacketLight 1RU Transponder

OTN Muxponder Solutions

PacketLight’s family Muxponder solutions provide transparent multiplexing of up to 16 multirate/ multiprotocol sub-10G services into a single protected 10G OTU2 wavelength or dual independent uplinks thus aggregating into a 20G link. With its multiprotocol and multirate support, the OTU2 can aggregate simultaneously SDH/SONET, Ethernet, Fiber channel and HD-SDI, SD-SDI Video services, thus providing a perfect access platform for multiple clients’ needs in an elegant 1U box.

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PacketLight PL-1000RO

Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Solutions

The PL-1000RO offers the ROADM functionality based on the most advanced next generation WSS (wavelength-selective switching) technology. The PL-1000RO is configured dynamically to add/drop selected wavelengths at any node in the network and seamlessly change the network node capacity as needed. In addition, it automatically maintains the equalization and power balance of the added and bypass wavelengths. The PL-1000RO also integrates EDFAs delivering effective long distance DWDM solutions. Colorless, directionless supporting mesh and both 50GHz and 100GHz ITU grids.

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PacketLight PL-1000IL

Optical Amplification Solutions

The PL-1000IL is designed to extend the power link budget of DWDM solutions in a cost effective manner. The PL1000IL provides amplification for a range of optical solutions starting from 4 wavelengths to up to full C-Band and incorporates 6 main types of low-noise EDFAs (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers) Booster, Inline, Midstage, Pre-Amplifier and RAMAN.

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PacketLight PL-300 Family

DWDM and CWDM Passive Multiplexing Solutions

The PL-300 family of products extend PacketLight’s optical network solution capabilities by providing a wide range of passive optical modules: Mux/Demux, DCM, OADMs. The PL-300 supports both Single Fiber and Dual Fiber infrastructure.

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PacketLight LightWatch OSS Management

LightWatch OSS Management

LightWatch EMS/NMS is a carrier-class element/network management system for network configuration, provisioning, monitoring and management. Fully compliant with TMN standards, the LightWatch system features advanced FCAPS capabilities.

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