Service and Support

Genuine parts, warranty repairs, equipment testing, maintenance, servicing and calibration for all our fusion splicers, OTDRs, light sources, power meters...

Service and Support

Service and Support

Genuine parts, warranty repairs, equipment testing, maintenance, servicing and calibration for all our fusion splicers, OTDRs, light sources, power meters...

Fusion Splicer Service and Support

Fibre Optic Equipment Calibration, Maintenance, and Servicing Facilities at AusOptic

One Stop for Service and Support

  • Free call 1800 677 623, anywhere in Australia
  • For international clients, dial +61 2 9424 2111
  • Or contact via email,

We've got you covered

All our equipment is backed by AusOptic’s in-house service facilities for maintenance and calibration.

Service excellence

We provide a single point of contact for speed in handling your equipment throughout its lifecycle

From your door to ours, and back again

Let us use our experience and expertise to make light work of your equipment service.

Contact us for door-to-door service price list: phone (1800 677 623) or email (


In the area? Bring your equipment to our experts.

Our service centre is conveniently located at our Macquarie Park facility, 10 km from Sydney CBD



Technical expertise, personal service

For more than 20 years, AusOptic has serviced equipment for government departments, training organisations, installers, consultants, major telecommunication companies, mining, oil and gas sites.

  • Professionally trained technicians in electronic, optical and mechanical equipment
  • Regional logistics support for clients across the Asia-Pacific region - metro, rural and remote
  • From sales to service, our whole team is dedicated to the prompt turn-around of your equipment


Apart of our one-stop service, AusOptic offers our same door-to-door service on calibration services for your equipment, no matter the make.

Our technicians understand your equipment and deal with the calibration centres on a daily basis. We provide you with a second set of eyes that can save you money by ensuring the right work is done on your equipment.

Equipment Servicing Schedules

We recommend 2 year calibration cycles on power meter, light source and OTDR devices. Some exceptions include Kingfisher and JDSU devices with a specified 3 year service cycle.

For fusion splicers, we recommended servicing every 2 years to take advantage of firmware upgrades and ensuring the best performance of the equipment throughout its life. 

For units in daily operation, or operating in harsh field conditions, this cycle is shortened to 1 year.


How can we help you get the most out of your equipment? 

Our equipment service facilities are here to save your time and get the most out of your investment. Talk to us about your equipment performance, give us a call (1800 677 623) or email us at


AusOptic Authorised Equipment - Your Service Advantage

Since 1994 AusOptic has worked alongside manufacturers from around the world to deliver industry-leading network solutions to our clients across the Asia-Pacific region.

World-class technology, first class client service

  • Personalised product and technical support from our local team of communications technology specialists
  • In-house service department staffed by our experienced technicians who work with the latest diagnostic equipment
  • Manufacturer backed warranty support with direct access to genuine spare parts, firmware and product updates

Australia's only authorised FITEL service centre, AusOptic International

Benefit from Genuine Service, Parts and Repairs

Service your FITEL equipment at Australia’s only authorised FITEL service centre, accessing state-of-the-art facilities, tools and diagnostic equipment. Our factory-trained Service Engineers will assist in achieving the optimal performance of your equipment, giving you confidence your FITEL unit is in the right hands.

Servicing with Zero Downtime

For FITEL equipment we maintain, we offer loan units to our clients along with our door-to-door equipment service.

Tuned for Australian Conditions

Offering the most advanced tuning and service work in the world, our efforts are driven by the need for the equipment in Australia to be able to handle the wide range of climate conditions and be reliable enough to be deployed anywhere. 

Support Direct from Japan

The AusOptic service centre for FITEL optical fusion splicers and fibre cleavers is equipped and certified by our Japanese manufacturer, Furukawa Electric Company (FEC). Our highly qualified Service Engineers have been trained both here in Australia and in Japan. Our clients benefit from our two-way working relationship with Japan with service support direct from the manufacturer.


Australia's Fusion Splicer Specialists

No matter the make, our fusion splicer technicians have the experience and the diagnostic equipment calibrate, service and repair your fusion splicer. Talk to our service team to arrange a prompt evaluation.

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