PreciFluid Volumetric Dispenser

The PreciFluid is a volumetric dosing system compatible with all kinds of fluids (from the most liquid to the most viscous), combining speed and precision.
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  • Programmable dispensing speed with regular and smooth linear movement
  • Consistent volumetric dispensing, compensates for variations in viscosity
  • A patented system with no separation of complex fluids
  • Ultra-precise deposits, minimum volume goes down to 0.06 micro litres
  • Strong pushing capacity goes higher than 500,000 cps
  • Light weight ergonomic design


Designed and manufactured in France, the PreciFluid is insensitive to variations in viscosity and fluid temperature, thanks to its electromechanical movement, which ensures optimum dispensing precision, whatever the conditions. It also offers an unrivalled high thrust capacity going beyond 500,000 cps thanks to an increase in torque.

How the PreciFluid Volumetric Dispenser works

With the linear stepping motor moving volumes of product in a repetitive and controlled manner, the volumetric metering device goes beyond the limits of pneumatic dosing systems. PreciFluid is at least seven times more precise and allows remarkably smaller deposits than most volumetric dosers on the market with a minimum volume of up to 0.06 microlitres.

This patented volumetric dispenser is the only one to guarantee you the volumetric deposit with such precision. In addition to its exceptional performance, the use of the PreciFluid volumetric dispenser remains very instinctive. Sequenced by previously recorded programs, its surges are regular and constant. You only need to enter the volume in numeric form and the speed at which you wish to carry out the dosage for the dispenser to take care of the calculations.

In addition, the volumetric dispenser is compatible with Opti premium consumables which will guarantee you an even more precise dosage.



Poly Dispensing Systems offers accessories for the Precifluid dispenser for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Droptube case

The Droptube is, one of the Precifluid accessories, designed to firmly lock the syringe on the gun. It exists in 3cc, 5cc, 10cc and 30cc but is adaptable on request for all your specific containers.



3CC: BDET003
5CC: BDET005
10CC: BDET010
30CC: BDET030

FingerDrop finger control

The FingerDrop switch on the finger replaces the pedal and plugs directly into the Precfluid. The FingerDrop has a scratch which allows it to adapt to all sizes of syringes.


Reference:  PDS-CAD

Gun holder

The Precifluid pistol holder provides a stable and practical support for the pistol, making it easier to use. Designed entirely in aluminum.

Gun holder

Reference:   PDS-SDP

Gun connection

This cable is used to connect the DropGun gun to the console of the Precifluid. It is available in 1.5m and 3m.

Gun connection

1.5m: PDSRL1.5M

More Information
Manufacturer Poly Dispensing Systems
Product Series PreciFluid Volumetric Dispenser
Product Type Dispensing Devices
Industry Government and Defence Communications, Aerospace and Defence, Optical Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
Applications OEM (Optical Equipment Manufacturing), Automated Manufacturing, High-Volume Manufacturing, High-Yield Manufacturing
Standard Package Contains
Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
Authorised distributor, benefit from manufacturer-backed, local warranty coverage, genuine parts, and our experienced local support team
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