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Pneumatic Air-Pulse Dispensers

SKU #PDS-Air-Pulse
The Air-Pulse dispenser series deliver 0-1 Bar for very liquid products and in 0-7 Bar for any other product. Equipped with a precise adjustment dial to get a consistent deposits of product. These electro-pneumatic dispensers are recommended for their consistency in depositing liquid products, fluids or pastes of any kind.
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Operated with a footswitch, Pneumatic Air-Pulse Dispensers are designed to put down precise quantities of products measured visually. From the applicator with constant flow to the time-pressure dispenser, along with the data-entry system, our entire range is sustainable, strong and guaranteed for 5 – 10 years, allowing us to answer exactly to your application in both technical and financial terms.

Designed to distribute quite typical of mixtures (fluid liquids and thick pulps), the Air-Pulse series of time–pressure dispensers (pneumatic or electro pneumatic) maintain a simple form for ease of use. Multi-purpose and strong, the range presents models provided with digital clocks for an optimal constancy. Choosing PDS dispensers is the insurance of continuous savings from the installation and for a long term goal.

Equipment certified compatible with all types of industrial substances: glues, fats, lubricants, solder paste, solvents, silicones, ink, activators, RTV, paintings, UV, foodstuffs, medical products and more.

Pneumatic dispensers Air-Pulse

The Air-Pulse Dispenser 200ETC (Digital) is calibrated in function of time/pressure and exists in 0-1 bar and in 0-7 bar. It is equipped with a MAC solenoid valve that optimizes the responsiveness and durability of the dispenser. It allows the setting of the ultra-precise dispensing time to the thousandth of a second, while being coupled to an analogue timer.

Doseurs pneumatiques 300ETC

The dispensing is calibrated time / pressure. The Air-Pulse Dispenser 300ETC (Digital) has a fine adjustment of the time / pressure to provide a constant flow of product and a setting of dispense time to the thousandth of a second. They are recommended for the continuous removal of liquid, or pasty fluids of any kind, repetitively and calibrated manner.

Doseurs pneumatiques 7050

The systems vacuum pick-up are designed for the manipulation of small pieces and components, in particular the miniatures, the components of assembly and blocks of chip with scale. The Air-Pulse Dispenser 7050 is equipped with a solenoid valve in vacuum air with electric drive by footswitch’s pressure.

Doseurs pneumatiques 7150

With this dispenser calibrated on the pressure the dispensing is made in  » judged the operator  » through a pedal. Air-Pulse Pneumatic Dispenser 7150 exists in version 0-1 bar, for the very liquid products and 0-7 bar for the other products and they benefit from an accurate setting of the pressure to obtain a constant flow of the product.

Doseurs pneumatiques 7250

The Air-Pulse Dispenser 7250 come in a 0 – 1 bar version, for very liquid products, and 0 – 7 bars for the other products. Those one supplies a calibrated time / pressure dispensing, in a more economic size than the 7350 dispenser. They benefit from a setting of the time of deposit in hundredth of seconds and an accurate setting of the pressure to obtain a constant flow of the product.

Doseurs pneumatiques 7350

The Air-Pulse Dispenser 7350 exists in version 0 – 1 bar, for the very liquid products and 0 – 7 bars for the other products. They benefit from a precise setting of the pressure to obtain a constant flow of the product and the setting of the time of deposit in hundredth of seconds. The dispensing is calibrated time/ pressure.

Doseurs pneumatiques 7550

Pick Up dispenser and in one case. The Air-Pulse 7550 calibrated dosing time / pressure is 0-1 bar and 0-7 bar. Having a MAC valve allows precise metering of very small quantities of products and simultaneously, it allows the positioning of small parts by suction (as the metering Pick Up).

Doseurs pneumatiques 7150

These footswitch dispensers (Air-Pulse Dispenser 7050 to 7550) are designed to put down quantities of products visibly measurable. They allow, by a simple impulse of the footswitch to release the fluid product with constant flow. It is the operator who evaluate the quantity and stops the distribution of product by releasing the pedal. This pneumatic dispenser allows to reduce or to eliminate the manual tiredness of the user.



Poly Dispensing Systems offers a complete range of accessories for your pneumatic dispensers Air-Pulse 7000 and ETC.

Accessories Air-Pulse

Syringe support

Support seringue

A handy and stable support which enables to hold the syringes.

Reference : C004001


Finger switch

Interrupteur au doigt

The finger switch replaces the pedal which is directly connected to the dispenser

Reference : CADAP


Trap filter

Filtre piège

A trap filter for the syringe adapter which prevents the fluid to move back up in the dispenser.

Reference : PDS-881


Regulator filter

Régulateur filtre

The regulator is equipped with a drying filter which purifies air. It is recommended for dispensing cyanoacrylate.

Reference: FLT05


Needles kit

Kit aiguilles

A selection of 50 PosiDot needles for the Air-Pulse dispenser.
Possibility of a bulk packaging to get a bigger quantity.

More Information
Manufacturer Poly Dispensing Systems
Product Series Pneumatic Airpulse Dispensers
Product Type Dispensing Devices
Industry Government and Defence Communications, Aerospace and Defence, Optical Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
Applications OEM (Optical Equipment Manufacturing), Automated Manufacturing, High-Volume Manufacturing, High-Yield Manufacturing
Standard Package Contains
Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
Authorised distributor, benefit from manufacturer-backed, local warranty coverage, genuine parts, and our experienced local support team
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