Poly Dispensing Systems

Poly Dispensing Systems (PDS) are specialists in industrial dosing systems for precisely and repeatably placing or providing a fluid during the manufacturing process. Designed with real-world experience in the dosage field, PreciFluid products provide you with complete and efficient solutions for all your dosing applications.

Industrial dosing systems specialists

Bringing real world experience in the field of dosage, the PDS team is at your disposal to provide you technical advice in your choice of dosage equipment according to your needs.


Optical and Electronic Manufacturing

PDS precision dosing systems guarantee reliable and repeatable dosing, making assembly processes for electronics more reliable.

PDS dispensers improve the productivity of assemblies and valve systems increase the yields of automated and semi-automated operations. The volumetric dispenser is recommended for depositing two-component epoxies and other industrial fluids varying in viscosity.

The Janome metering robots, a compact and autonomous unit, allow you to position your deposits precisely. These systems allow reliable operations with excellent repeatability for depositing points, cords, but also varnishing on cards.

A large number of material fluids used in electronics require perfect mixing and degassing before removal and THINKY mixers fully meet this need.

Optical and Electronic Manufacturing

Building and Construction

Two-component adhesives, silicones, foams and coatings are often used for building applications such as securing chemical anchors, repairing cracks and seals.

PDS offers the range of COX and MIXPAC products which allow the removal of waterproofing products and seals in the finishing work.

The products include manual, pneumatic or electric guns as well as numerous nozzles guaranteeing precise deposits while limiting discharges.

Building and Construction

Renewable Energy

PDS systems are used in many applications to guarantee reliable production of solar assemblies, solder pastes, sealing systems, coatings, thin film coating, electrical / grease connection sealing.

With our wide range of products, automation experience, and the ability to quickly customise your equipment, PDS is an experienced partner in diverse crystalline photovoltaic (PV) and coating solutions.

PDS offers a full range of automated or semi-automated solutions that improve capacity from single pumps and RAM components, measurement systems, application heads, and multi-axis robots to improve your manufacturing process.

Renewable Energy

Medical Preparation

PDS dispensing systems help you in the manufacturing of medical devices, from the prototyping phase to large-scale production. Our equipment is used for applications such as the assembly of plastics, glass and metals, lubrication equipment, coating, distribution of UV adhesives for the assembly of needles, catheters and other plastics, glass, and metal components.

In addition, PDS systems are used to apply small amounts of medical grade lubricants, flexible rubber components, before assembly into syringes or other components. Other applications include metering valves, potting for electronics, and coatings.

Medical Preparation

Aerospace Development

Precision, reliability and traceability are essential in the manufacturing and assembly of aerospace parts. Poly Dispensing Systems is a trusted equipment partner for the precise mixing and distribution of lubricants, solvents, sealants, adhesives and pastes.

The customer relies on us for the quality of our products and our responsiveness.

PDS dosing equipment is currently used in aerospace production categories including assembly, aircraft structure and spare parts, satellite manufacturing.

Aerospace Development
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About Poly Dispensing Systems (PDS)

Based in France, Poly Dispensing Systems (PDS), are home to a wide range of proven and successful dispensing equipment systems. Distributed in more than 20 countries in the world, PDS provide their clients with perfectly adapted dosing solutions that achieve technical, quality and efficiency improvements in their manufacturing process.

Experienced with challenging fluids, including fluids that are unstable and variable in nature (thermal functions, environmental humidity, etc.), PDS offer you the choice between time pressure and volumetric concepts for each type of application.

PDS also provide the tools to prepare your fluid (mixing and degassing), to dose it (doser, consumables, valves) and to bake it after dosing (UV polymerisation).

Thanks to real world experience in the field of dosage, the PDS team is at your disposal to provide you technical advice in your choice of dosage equipment according to your needs.

Orgeval, France
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