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Kingfisher KI2803 Light source 850-1300 nm LED

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For testing multimode or short range single mode systems.
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  • Reliable, rugged & versatile

  • Simple to use

  • Excellent optical power stability

  • Excellent re-connection repeatability

  • LCD is large, clear, sunlight readable & backlit

  • Autotest compatibility with other instruments

  • Optical test tone with Multi-Fiber ID function

  • Interchangeable connectors with dust cap/tilt bail

  • Encircled Flux compliant for multimode LED sources

  • Multimode sources supplied with mandrel wraps

  • Long battery life

  • External power/charging via USB

  • 3-year Warranty

  • 3-year calibration cycle

  • Made in Australia


The KI2800 Series Handheld Fiber Sources are used with optical power meters for testing optical loss on single mode and multimode fibers. A Multi-Fiber tone feature makes for handy continuity/polarity testing and fault finding, also for use with clip-on traffic identifiers.

The KI2800 series source provides excellent general test capability.

All emitters feature excellent repeatability and stability. Re-connection repeatability is < 0.1 dB, resulting in exceptional test accuracy.

This instrument meets the general requirements of MIL PRF 28800F class 2. The large display provides the user with an easy view of instrument status and test results.

Practical interchangeable optical connectors are easily changed, and are protected with a captive dust cover/tilt bail. Metal free adaptors help avoid contamination of connectors in high power systems.

AA alkaline batteries have long life, and the micro USB power input ensures high availability. Or use rechargeable batteries with built-in charging.

When used with a Kingfisher Autotest compatible power meter or loss test set, automatic λ identification is achieved, and the nominal source power is displayed on the power meter.

Up to 6 LED/laser sources can be specified, making this a versatile test source for mixed multimode/singlemode fiber testing.

LED sources are Encircled Flux (EF) standards compliant, to provide most consistent and reliable testing results.





850/1300nm LED


Power (dBm) @Fiber Type (um)










Short Term Stability (dB)


For 15min , typ ± Δ2°C, after warm up, ORL <-25dB

Stability over Temp (dB)



λ nm/°C



Mode Controlled Source

Mode Controlled

50/125 Compliant: IEC 61280-4-1 {Ed.1.0}, TIA 526-14A & TIA TSB-178

Reconnection Repeatability dB


95% confidence


270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz±2%, 12 Multi-Fiber ID tones


Battery Life

80 hours in Autotest, typical



190 x 105 x 35mm





LCD Size

2.9 x 2.2”



-15 to 55°C/-25 to 70°C


Relative Humidity




2 Alkaline AA cells or 2 NiMh AA cells, user selectable charging;

Ext power input via micro USB;

Selectable auto-off, low battery indicator, backlit display



Included items


  • 1 SC Connector Adaptor
  • Operation Manual
  • Calibration Certificates
  • Carry Pouch
  • Carry Strap
  • 50 & 62.5µm fiber mandrel wraps for Multimode sources
  • USB A to USB micro cable


Other interchangeable connector adaptors are available separately.





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Manufacturer Kingfisher
Type Light Sources
Industry Installers and Contractors (OSP)
Applications NBN (National Broadband Network), Fiber Continuity, Polarity & Fault Finding
Standard Package Contains
Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
Authorised distributor, benefit from manufacturer-backed, local warranty coverage, genuine parts, and our experienced local support team
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