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FLEXBOX Series - USB Transceiver Programmer

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Quick Overview

Instantly reconfigure FLEXOPTIX Universal Transceivers from your laptop or Android device.
  • Rugged, pocket-sized chassis with convenient USB / micro-USB-B interface
  • Access the FLEXOPTIX cloud-hosted coding database on-demand, 24 hours a day
  • Over 150 supported hardware vendors with up-to-the-minute coding for more than 3000 devices
  • Configures CSFP, SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP+, QSFP28, SFP28, CFP, CFP2, CFP4 Universal Transceivers with full support for 100G modules and DWDM wavelength tuning
  • Troubleshoot with live transceiver diagnostics, built in Optical Power Meter and Light Source
  • Need multiple FLEXBOX for your locations? Talk to our team about the discounts available.
  • The FLEXBOX transceiver programming function works with FLEXOPTIX Universal Transceivers. It won't reprogram generic SFP transceivers.




FLEXBOX Universal Transceiver Programmer, FLEXOPTIX Universal Transceivers

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Availability: 129 In Stock / Dispatched from Germany

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Excl. Tax: AU$2,173.91 Incl. Tax: AU$2,391.30
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Transceiver configuration on-demand

With the FLEXBOX you can reprogram a FLEXOPTIX Universal Transceiver just seconds. Need to use the transceiver with another device? Just re-insert the transceiver and select a new configuration - as many times as you like.


Connect the FLEXBOX to your laptop or Android via USB

The palm-sized FLEXBOX is built tough. Ready for the field, the convenient USB / micro-USB-B interface works with Mac, PC and Android devices.

Apple iOS device support coming soon to the App Store.

Fibre optic equipment and solutions range at AusOptic

Take a Universal Transceiver and insert it into the FLEXBOX

FLEXOPTIX Universal Transceivers can be reconfigured with the FLEXBOX in seconds, ready for deployment in multiple systems.

Insert the FLEXOPTIX Universal Transceiver into the FLEXBOX

Select your required configuration from the simple interface

Access to DWDM wavelength tuning, transceiver coding, and diagnostics. Built in Optical Power Measurement and Distance Analyser.

Simple to use, powerful functionality

Live access to over 150 supported hardware vendors

Get up-to-the-minute configurations for more than 3000 devices. Anywhere in the world, 24hrs a day.

Over 150 supported hardware vendors

2 models to choose from

The FLEXBOX is the industry's first end-user programming device with full support for 100G plugable formats. In addition to the standard FLEXBOX V4B model, the V4 is optionally available with CFP support for your CFP transceiver applications.

Fibre optic equipment and solutions range at AusOptic



Fibre optic equipment and solutions range at AusOptic

FLEXBOX V4 with CFP support


Built to solve real-world problems

The FLEXBOX is the first of its kind - a mobile tool, built to solve real life problems faced by optical network engineers. The pocket-sized device is packed with powerful functions, all controlled by a smart, easy-to-use interface.

Integrated Power Meter and Light Source

Troubleshoot potential problems in your fiber link, CWDM or DWDM systems with without additional equipment. The FLEXBOX combines all the commonalities of a physical power meter and optical light source in an intuitive and reliable application, all you need is your FLEXBOX and a transceiver.

Displays voltage, temperature and bias-current values in combination with time based continuous chart for transmit and receive levels. Readings are recorded for subsequent recall and can be downloaded as JSON or CSV file.

Built-in optical Power Meter and Light Source
  • Power Meter applications
    • Check and validate power loss during fiber installation and maintenance
    • End-to-End error diagnostics
    • Insertion loss testing/measurement of attenuation on fiber optic links
  • Light Source applications
    • Point-to-point attenuation measurement
    • Link-loss characterisation
    • Identify your fiber in a patch panel
    • Determine loss via correlation of counterpart TX and RX values

Select and tune wavelengths for DWDM transceivers

A DWDM tuner anyone can use. Configure and re-configure channels for tunable transceivers like XFP DWDM, SFP+ DWDM, CFP DWDM Coherent in seconds.

Fiber Optic End Capping
Plug a transceiver into your FLEXBOX. Go to the Your Transceiver tab. Change the Wavelength in drop down to desired channel. Your transceiver will be ready in just a few seconds.

Perform distance analysis on your fiber link

Inspect the optical link loss or locate faults in your fiber with the Distance Analyzer function by using the FLEXBOX in combination with FLEXOPTIX SFP+ microOTDR S.OB1612.40.XD. The Distance Analyzer charts the the total length of your optical fiber link including all sub segments.

  • Detect and locate faulty connections during installation and maintenance
  • Measure total fiber length, to determine which transceiver budget is necessary
  • One side measurement: Only one side of the link is needed to measure the link length
  • Single-direction distance analysis and segment identification
FLEXBOX Distance Analyser function with MicroOTDRFLEXOPTIX MicroOTDR SFP


Applications Data Centre Connectivity, GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), LAN Installation, Network Core and Edge, SFP/Transceiver Vendor Programming, Carriers, Service and Content Providers, Enterprise Networking, Industrial Environments, Installers and Telco Contractors, Ethernet and LAN Devices
Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
Authorised distributor, benefit from manufacturer-backed, local warranty coverage, genuine parts, and our experienced local support team,
Engineered to FLEXOPTIX exacting standards
You can rely on FLEXOPTIX modules to achieve the real dynamic range, sensitivity, crosstalk performance and genuine quality your system requires

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12 August 2018
Worked right away without any issues, very convenient to be able to quickly switch the compatible operation of a SFP tuning to my needs rather than needing to order many separate ones. Power meter option for diagnostics is quite helpful in a pinch, too.

Orders & Delivery

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Get a free FLEXBOX with your first FLEXOPTIX Universal Transceiver order

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FLEXBOX V4 Transceiver Programer - Learn more about the FLEXBOX
Why would we give away the FLEXBOX for free? What's the catch?

Pretty simple: once you discover the possibilities the FLEXBOX offers for transceiver deployments it’ll become an essential part of your toolkit.

That's the hook. We believe in the FLEXOPTIX experience so much, we think you'll come back.

What you need to do in return?

We want your feedback. After receiving your FLEXBOX you agree to provide feedback to be published on our site - like these examples. If we do not receive your feedback after 14 days, we ask that you pay for the FLEXBOX, or return the FLEXBOX to our office.

Are there any special terms to keep in mind?
  1. Only 1 free FLEXBOX per company or organisation
  2. We reserve the right refuse your free FLEXBOX request at our own discretion
  3. We will choose a suitable FLEXBOX model for you. Let us know if you specifically need CFP transceiver support.

Any questions left unanswered? Just Send us a message or call 1800 677 623

How we work with FLEXOPTIX

Fibre optic equipment and solutions range at AusOptic

Live from Dietzenbach, Germany

Markus, Stephan, Tomas and the passionate team at FLEXOPTIX have been leading the world in optical engineering and systems optimisation since 2008.

Fibre optic equipment and solutions range at AusOptic

Stock backed by the huge European warehouse

AusOptic connects directly into the immense FLEXOPTIX range stocked in Europe. Standard delivery in 7 days. Expedited 4 day delivery service available.

Fibre optic equipment and solutions range at AusOptic

Supported locally by AusOptic

Our experienced team is here to help you with your transceiver configuration, recoding and technical support needs.

Fibre optic equipment and solutions range at AusOptic

Specified to your requirements

Get a personal consultation for your existing network with cost-effective upgrade paths to expand, multiply and extend the capacity of your system.

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