FITEL S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF Advanced Fusion Splicer Series

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The FITEL S183PMII ver.2 and S184PM-SLDF ver.2 Advanced Fusion Splicers. Designed especially for the demanding OEM, R&D, production and other special applications of the optical components industry.
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FITEL S183PMII ver.2 and S184PM-SLDF ver.2 Advanced Fusion Splicers


The FITEL Advanced Fusion Splicer Series is designed specifically for the demanding production and research applications of the optical components industry, being capable of splicing:

  • PM (Polarisation-maintaining) fibre
  • High strength splicing
    S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF achieve an average 300kpsi (25N on 125um cladding fibre) of tension strength.
  • Similar / dissimilar fibre
  • Very large diameter fibres (LDF)
    S183PMII: Up to 500um
    S184PM-SLDF: Up to 1200um
  • Small clad fibre (80um)
  • dissimilar cladding
  • High-Index fibre
  • Erbium doped fibre
  • PCF (Photonic Crystal Fibre)
  • and other exotic fibres. 

S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF Application Examples

  • Manufacturing optical components with PM (Polarisation Maintaining) fibre
    • for example, amplifiers, fibre sensors, and laser modules
  • Manufacturing fibre laser for splicing LDF (Large Diameter Fibre)
  • Splicing with high strength requirements
    • for example, construction of sub-marine cable
  • The research, development and manufacturing (OEM) of optical components
  • Government research institutions
  • Educational institutions

Additional S184PM-SLDF Application Examples

  • Super LDF splice applications (over 500μm)
    • for example, some high power fibre lasers adopt 800 to 1000μm clad diameter fibres
    • production of LDF used to transmit high power laser light in the medical device field

As the demand for LDF is increasing, so the demand of fusion splicer to LDF also increases.


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FITEL Advanced Fusion Splicer Features

Specialty splicing made easy

The advanced features of the FITEL S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF allow you to splice today’s and tomorrow’s most exotic fibre types. Whether performing high-strength splices, splicing small cladding fibres (80 μm), large cladding fibres (S183PMII: 500μm, S184PM-SLDF: 1200 μm), PM fibres or erbium doped fibre, S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF are the perfect solution for Optical Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Testing, Research and other specialised splicing applications.

Large Diameter Fibre Splicing


Quick Loading and Automatic Machine Adjustment

The S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF automatically adjust for different fibre coating and cladding sizes. There is no need to exchange v-grooves or fibre clamps. In addition, S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF have been designed so that the user simply loads the fibre and closes the lid to begin the splice process. There is no need to lower or set fibre clamps before beginning your splice.

FITEL S183/S184 Easy splicing operation


Automatic Fibre Holder Release

The S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF automatically perform a tensile proof test on the fibre and release the holder lid to avoid twisting the fibre after the splice. This unique function is useful for splicing PM fibre that need to be rotated. It eliminates the operation processes to manually open the holder lid and reset the splicer to prevent the spliced fibre twisting.

The S183/S184 Automatic Fibre Holder


Monitor & User interface

The S183PMII and the S184PM-SLDF fusion splicers feature a large 6.5” high-resolution colour monitor. The intuitive on-screen GUI (Graphical User Interface) provides additional support for the operator with straightforward function keys and clear step-by-step instructions.

The location of monitor can be easily switched either to the front or back.

Large LCD Monitor on FITEL S183PMII ver.2 and S184PM-SLDF ver.2


Fast splice time

The splice time on S183PMII fusion splicer is lightning fast at 35 seconds for PANDA fibre and 15 seconds for SMF. It is the fastest in the industry for most fibre applications, allowing you to increase efficiency on your production line. The S184PM-SLDF achieves 40 seconds for PANDA fibre spice and 20 seconds for SMF. 


FITEL Advanced Fusion Splicers: Ready for Tomorrow
New functions are available for existing S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF fusion splicers through software updates. Talk to our team for more information.

Safe PM fibre rotation

The rotation mechanism on S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF fusion splicer allow PM fibre to rotate while keeping it straight and stable. This minimises fibre fibre twist, bend and damage which can be detrimental to sensitive splicing applications.

FITEL S183/184 Safe PM fibre rotation


Automatic Rotational Adjustment for PANDA Fibre

The “fibre Analysis” function is able to analyse unknown PANDA fibre and automatically create an optimal program for rotational adjustment. This feature saves time and the cost for development of new program. 

Unknown PANDA fibre can be easily spliced. 

FITEL S183/S184 Automatic Optimisation of Rotational Adjustment for PANDA Fibre


Splicing Dissimilar Fibre Mode

The S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF adjusts automatically based on the setting fibres, and achieves accurate splicing with dissimilar core diameter splicing. If there is no fusion program, this function is useful for any combination of fibres with dissimilar core diameter splicing.

FITEL S183/S184 Dissimilar Fibre Splicing

In case of splicing the dissimilar fibres, the splice loss is normally larger than splicing the similar fibres. Large splice loss is caused by the difference of MFD.

FITEL S183/S184 Arc Scanning Function


Intuitive Manual Splicing

The new design uses intuitive operation to control motors. With many support tools (automatic alignment, automatic rotational adjustment and so on), a complicated fibre can be spliced effortlessly by manual splicing.

It is possible to observe the fibre image with various magnification.

FITEL S183/S184 Intuitive Manual Splicing Mode


Advanced Control and Workability Through PC Connection

“SmartFuse” has many functions: export image, splice data and existing splice programs. Modify and import (to the splicer) new splice programs. Connect the splicer to feedback measurement instruments.

FITEL S183/S184 Advanced Control and Workability Through PC Connection

Differences between S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF

Differences between S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF


Speciality Fibre Splicing and Processing with Ring of Fire® Technology

The S184PM-SLDF uses three-phase wide area plasma technology called “Ring of Fire®” developed by 3SAE Technologies, Inc.

Instead of two electrodes, this groundbreaking technology uses three electrodes in a “T” configuration. This 3rd electrode, combined with an advanced self-balancing arc discharging unit (ADU) allows for a significantly more stable thermal profile where radiation is the primary means of heat transfer to the spliced fibres. This resulting heat zone cross-section is up to 100 times larger then a 2-electrode system, with consistent heating within the entire zone.

The power density can be adjusted to achieve fibre temperatures from less than 100°C to greater than 3000°C. This thermal dynamic range make it the ideal heat source for a wide variety of applications, and the software programmable heat zone width allows for taper shape flexibility that is otherwise unachievable.

The S184PM-SLDF results in incredible splicing versatility for specialty fibres, large diameter fibres, high strength applications, and high yield production processes:

  • Extremely stable, controllable, and repeatable heating over a large range of intensity
  • Wide area heat zone to enable advanced splicing techniques
  • Uniformly wide arc coverage to allow for splicing of larger diameter fibres
  • Extremely high thermal power with negligible tungsten deposits compared to competing processes

Prior to the development of 3SAE's patented Ring of Fire® splicing technology, standard fusion splicing tools were unable to accommodate the splicing of fibres larger than 600 microns. The three phase arc design behind Ring of Fire® technology expands the area plasma to accommodate fibres greater than 1 millimetre, twice that of a standard fusion splicer.

FITEL S184 with 3SAE Ring of Fire Technology

Using this 3-phase wide plasma technology, the S184PM-SLDF is capable of flame polishing, core diffusion and large cladding fibre splicing. 

3SAE Ring of Fire® technology remains the industry standard for fusion splicing and optical fibre glass processing.

Using Ring of Fire® technology, the S184PM-SLDF achieves high repeatability for excellent quality control and requires little to no electrode maintenance. The speed and repeatability of the Thermally Stabilised Plasma makes it ideal for manufacturing environments. This inherent precision also allows for fusion splicing and processing of smaller fibres and low temperature fibres, plus other specialist fibre optic applications. 

For full specifications on our FITEL Advanced Fusion Splicer Series, or more information on the AusOptic range of Large Diameter Fibre (LDF) and PM (Polarisation Maintaining) fibre solutions, contact our team via phone or email.

More Information
Manufacturer FITEL (Furukawa Electric)
Product Series FITEL S183/S184 Advanced Fusion Splicer Series
Type Fusion Splicers
Fiber Compatibility Erbium-Doped Fiber (EDF), Large Diameter Fiber (LDF), Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF)
Splicer: Alignment Type Active, Core
Splicer: Fiber Count Single Fiber
Splicer: Special Applications Arc scanning function, Dissimilar fiber, Fiber rotation function, High Strength, Large Diameter fiber (Up to 1200um), Large Diameter fiber (Up to 500um), PM fiber
Fiber Cladding Diameter 80 to 1200μm, 80 to 500μm
Industry Telecommunications, Carriers, Service and Content Providers, Aerospace and Defence, Fiber Optic Lasers, Medical, Optical Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Research
Applications OEM (Optical Equipment Manufacturing), Automated Manufacturing, High-Volume Manufacturing, High-Yield Manufacturing, High-Strength Fiber Splicing, LDF (Large Diameter Fiber), Specialty and Exotic Fiber Splicing, Dissimilar-Fiber Splicing, PCF (Photonic Crystal Fiber) Splicing, MFA (Mode Field Adapter) Processing, Small Gyro Fiber Splicing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Research and Development, Fusion Splicing
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Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
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