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Divot Fibre Connector Clean-out Wire

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For cleaning out debris or broken fibre inside the ferrule. Use it to clean ferrule assembly Divot®.
AU$19.56 AU$17.78

Fibre Connector Cleaning Wire is specifically suited for cleaning out debris and broken fibre inside the ferrule. With the Divot®, it is ideal for cleaning the ferrule assembly inside the Divot® Module.

Sold in a pack of 10 cleaning wires.


Maintenance of Divot® Module

The Divot® Module can be easily disassembled for cleaning or maintenance. Occasionally you may have to clean the ferrule on the patch cable and the ferrule in the Divot® Module. The Divot® ferrule assembly can be totally removed and cleaned or immersed in alcohol. If fiber happens to break off inside the ferrule assembly, clean-out wire is supplied to remove any debris. The patch cable connected to the Divot® Module should be cleaned periodically to maintain optimum performance. Over time, especially if inserting non-cleaved fiber, the patch cable mated to the Divot® module will wear and need to be replaced. Additional cables and cartridges are available as accessories.

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