OTDR and Network Test Platforms

Shop for OTDR kits, platforms, and modules from Viavi and Anritsu. Book calibration, servicing and repair work with our Sydney-based service team.

OTDR and test platforms by application

AusOptic is a specialist provider of OTDR technology with experience across telecommunications, data transport, LAN and laboratory applications.

Explore our range below or talk to our team about getting the right equipment for your application.

OTDR & Fiber Characterisation

Comprehensive range of OTDR modules and platforms. Complete fast and highly accurate measurements of optical fiber cables with a unique range of handheld, benchtop, and OEM module solutions designed for multimode and singlemode applications, core, access, metro, FTTx, PON and GPON optical networks.

OTDR & Fiber Characterisation range

OTDR Fiber Characterisation

Multi-Layer Network Test Platforms

Rely on our portfolio of industry-leading multi-protocol testers and expansion modules to help technicians activate services error-free, the first time. Delivering next-generation technologies like 100G Ethernet, and supporting the installed base of services demands test solutions that cover multiple technologies, network layers, and services.

Explore Multi-Layer Network Test Platforms

Multi-layer network field testing

Optical Spectrum Analysis

Test xWDM networks and optical component wavelengths, power levels of CWDM channels, and display the complete spectrum. Available as modules and platforms. Ideal for service providers to install, maintain and upgrade metro/access links and CWDM systems.

Browse xWDM Optical Spectrum Analysers


MAP Optical Manufacturing Test Platforms

Optical signal, power, spectrum and connector testers optimised for development and manufacturing. The VIAVI Multiple Application Platform (MAP) family provides comprehensive testing of optical transmission network elements.

Browse the Multiple Application Platform (MAP) family

VIAVI MAP Platform
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  1. Applications
    Telecommunications (Back Bone, Metro & Long-haul)
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Product Series
  1. VIAVI (JDSU) T-BERD/MTS-2000 Handheld Modular Platform 1
  2. VIAVI (JDSU) T-BERD/MTS-4000 Multi-Service Platform 1
  3. VIAVI (JDSU) T-BERD/MTS-5800 Handheld Modular Platform 1
  1. NBN (National Broadband Network) 5
  2. Telecommunications (Back Bone, Metro & Long-haul) 1
  3. Long-haul installation 1
  4. CO (Central Office) LAN and Network 1
  5. OSP (Out Side Plant) 1
  6. Wideband Transmission Network 9
  7. NBN: Single Fibre 1
  8. Fiber Continuity, Polarity & Fault Finding 1
  9. PON / FTTx (including FTTP (GPON), FTTH, and FTTB) 2
  10. CWDM / DWDM, Multiplexed Transmission Testing 2
  11. 1310/1550/1625 nm Wavelengths for NBN 2
  12. Metro Ethernet 4
  13. Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT) for Ethernet 1
  14. 400GE testing PAM4 and KP4 FEC 1
  15. Data Centre Connectivity 3
  16. Carrier Field Test Instruments 11
  17. Carrier Systems Line and Centralised Test Systems 1
  18. Ethernet/IP Network Data Analysers 6
  19. Multi-Layer Network Field Testing 13
  20. OTDR Testing & Fiber Characterisation 13
  21. SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn and OTN Analysers 5
  22. System Emulation (Loss, length, time delay and reflectance) 8
  23. xWDM Network Optical Spectrum Analysis 7
  24. GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) 1
  25. Last Mile 1
  26. LAN Installation 1
  27. Network Infrastructure 1
  28. Network Core and Edge 1
  29. OTN (Optical Transport Networking) 1
  30. CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) 1
  31. DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) 2
  32. Dark Fiber 1
  33. Optical Spectrum Analysis (OSA) 1
  34. Mining, Oil and Gas 3
  35. Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing of Strain, Temperature & Loss 3
  36. Installers and Telco Contractors 1
  37. Carriers, Service and Content Providers 1
  38. Enterprise Networking 1
  39. Test and Inspection 9
  40. Network Testing 9
  1. Installers and Contractors (OSP) 1
  2. Telecommunications 1
  3. Carriers, Service and Content Providers 1
  4. Campus Networks 1
  5. Data Centres 1
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    VIAVI FiberComplete Integrated Loss, ORL and OTDR Modules – 4100-Series for T-BERD/MTS-2000, -4000 Platforms
    SKU: ORL-1
    FiberComplete is the first solution to fully automate all the fundamental fiber-qualification tests, such as bidirectional insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL), and optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR), with one module from one optical port. Learn More
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    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
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