VIAVI: MAP Optical Manufacturing Test Platforms

Optical signal, power, spectrum and connector testers optimised for development and manufacturing.

The VIAVI Multiple Application Platform (MAP) family provides comprehensive testing of optical transmission network elements, along with a proven track record of superior equipment testing results.

Today’s rapidly changing optical market requires investment in productivity-enhancing technologies and tools. The MAP-300 is VIAVI's 3rd generation optical test and measurement system that is optimsed for compact cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical communications technology.

From the original Multiple Application Platform (MAP) System released in 2001 to the new third generation MAP-300 Series, the MAP system is the heart of the VIAVI optical test solutions for labs and manufacturing. With unmatched scalability, users can be assured that our solutions will meet their current and future needs.

Customer Focused Innovation

The new MAP-300 builds upon the proven strengths of the MAP System while adding innovation where it matters most for our customers. Backwards compatible support for the installed automation base, combined with several new features, including an HTML-based GUI for multi-user environments, gives customers the capabilities they need to achieve their goals. We can’t wait to see what you will accomplish with the new MAP-300!


Multiple Application Platform (MAP) System


  • On-board 3.5-inch touch screen provides quick access to connection and configuration settings.
  • Graphic User Interface features intuitive dashboard with configurable widgets that correspond to each populated cassette.
  • Multi-user access supported by web based interface.
  • The industry’s largest selection of hot swappable modules for optical communications test and measurement in lab & manufacturing environments
  • Backward compatible with MAP2xx series cassettes and remote-control support


  • General purpose fiber-optic lab use
  • Manufacturing test automation
  • DWDM/WSS test
  • Connectivity IL/RL
  • Polarization scrambling and OSNR

Key Features

  • Available in rackmount, reverse-rackmount and benchtop mainframe configurations
  • Eight-slot (MAP-380) and three-slot (MAP-330) configurations
  • HTML-based graphical user interface (MAP-300 GUI)
  • Field-replaceable controller includes an integrated 3.5- inch LCD touchscreen for network and system status
  • Support for USB 3.0 port, 15.6 external monitor, and ethernet
  • Optional GPIB, Ethernet port, USB and additional USB and trigger modules
  • SCPI logical interface for automation programming, with remote programming supported via TCP/IP (LXI) over ethernet, GPIB and direct socket
  • Multi-user capability
  • Hot swappable modules



MAP Series cassettes include amplifier and source cassettes classified as either Class 3B or Class 1M Laser products. While operating in a MAP Series mainframe, cassettes meet the requirements of the IEC 60825-1 standard and comply with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice 50, dated June 24, 2007.

Multiple MAP-300 Mainframe Configurations

The MAP-300 mainframe, like its predecessor, is offered in both benchtop and rackmount versions as either three or eight slot mainframe configurations. The eight-slot can also provided in a reverse rack-mount configuration.


Because each lab bench is unique, the MAP-300 chassis can be flexibly deployed in the space available. Easily stackable with simple, intuitive flip-up feet for easier positioning. The touch screen display’s orientation-sensing ability enables positioning the chassis for use vertically or horizontally.

Rackmount and Reverse-Rackmount

The chassis can be ordered in front- or rear-module entry rackmount configurations (reverse-rackmount only available for the 8-slot chassis). Rackmount configurations ship in kits containing all necessary mounting hardware. Conversion kits are available for mounting benchtop configurations.

MAP-380 Eight-Slot Mainframes

Each MAP-380 mainframe consists of a 3U chassis that can house up to eight cassettes, plus a field-replaceable controller. The MAP-380 mainframe is available in rackmount, reverse-rackmount, and benchtop configurations.

MAP-380 Eight-Slot Mainframes

MAP-330 Three-Slot Mainframes

Each MAP-330 mainframe consists of a 3U chassis that can house up to three cassettes, plus a field-replaceable controller. The rackmount versions are half 19” rack wide, so two units can be mounted side-by-side. An optional touch screen can be docked on the mainframe of a benchtop three-slot chassis for an easy portable, self-contained system.

MAP-330 Three-Slot Mainframes

The MAP-220C LightDirect Chassis Configurations

Benchtop (MAP-220C-A), rack-mount (MAP-220CX-A), and reversed rack-mount chassis (MAP-220CXR-A)

The compact, 2U, two-slot MAP-220C LightDirect Chassis mainframe is designed for general fiber-optic lab use and smaller optical-manufacturer test-station deployments. It is as efficient and cost-effective as fixed-format versions, yet it maintains flexibility and modularity so you can build the application you need when you need it.

The MAP-Series LightDirect Module Family

MAP-220C models host specific subsets of the broader MAP-Series module family that includes light sources, power meters, switches, and attenuators. These basic foundational modules serve as the key building blocks for most test applications. MAP-220C users can leverage these modules in a compact, benchtop format with a simple, intuitive graphical touch screen.

Light Sources

MAP sources are ideal for applications requiring a stable stimulus for parametric measurements and are available at key telecom wavelengths, with broad or narrow spectral bandwidth, or with tuneable spectrum.

Light sources (mSRC-C1, mTLG-C1)

Light sources (mSRC-C1, mTLG-C1)

The 50 GHz tunable mTLG-C1 distributed feedback (DFB) laser is available in either C or L band, while the mSRC-C1 is a general-purpose light source in these key fixed telecom wavelength bands: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm. These sources typically test system load or continuity, measure insertion loss, and test station calibration.

Power Meters

MAP power meters increase absolute power measurement accuracy over a wide range of power and wavelengths with a broad combination of fiber types and connectivity options optimised for both datacom and telecom applications. High-speed data logging lets users make transient measurements.

Optical power meters (mOPM-C1)

Optical power meters (mOPM-C1)

The mOSW-C1 is the industry’s gold standard for loss and repeatability. With over 80 variations available, there is a configuration ideally suited to all applications. Switches range from 1x2, 2x2, and 1x4 to 1x64 with options for internal power monitoring, direction monitoring, and power trim.

Optical Switches

MAP switches are the most configurable optical signal routing solutions in their class and are available in configurations including low-channel count matrix (2x2) and single input to multiple outputs ranging from 2 to 50. In the 1x2 and 2x2 format, the modules have up to eight switches per single-slot module.

Optical switches (mOSW-C1)

Optical switches (mOSW-C1)

The mOPM-C1 optical power meters are available for all applications with one, two, or four power heads per module with four unique performance ranges. Models supporting +27 dBm input power complement versions with 110 dBm dynamic range.


MAP attenuators provide the highest performance optical power control solution because they offer the lowest insertion loss, highest input-power capability, low polarisation-dependent loss (PDL), high dynamic range, and ultra-flat attenuation over wavelength.

Variable optical attenuators (mVOA-C1)

Variable optical attenuators (mVOA-C1)

The industry specification leader mVOA variable optical attenuator family has been enabling single-level control for receiver and amplifier testing for over 20 years. Available with one, two, or four variable optical attenuators (VOA) per module, with or without an internal power meter, the mVOA-C1 is also the industry’s most compact modular solution.

Extensive Input/Output Interfaces

The MAP-200 LightDirect Module Family

The MAP-Series is a USB-, general-purpose interface bus (GPIB)-, and Ethernet-enabled device that supports the latest test equipment interface standard, LXI, which is the Ethernet-based successor to GPIB. The LXI standard defines devices using open-standard for system inter-device communication.

All mainframe configurations include:

  • Ethernet port for remote communication.
  • 4 USB host ports for installing peripheral devices, including USB drives, a mouse, and a keyboard
  • One USB host port for the optional touchscreen
  • Integrated 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen for network and system status information

All mainframes can support up to two field-installable additional accessory modules for control and triggering.
Available modules include (1) IEEE-488 (GPIB), (2) dual trigger LXI-complaint LDVS driver ports, and (3) three USB
3.0 ports and one Ethernet interface. 

Users who are comfortable with the General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) remote interface can order the field-installable option at any time.

Simple, Intuitive Graphical Controller

The MAP-300 chassis includes a 3.5-inch touch screen that supports intuitive swipes for easy navigation. This local touchscreen provides access to connection and configuration settings.

Figure 7 - MAP-300 local touchscreen

Users can access the MAP-300 GUI from a mainframe locally or remotely via Ethernet. The MAP-300 GUI allows multi-user access via a supported web browser by entering the IP address acquired from the controller in the location field of the web browser. The slot configuration of a mainframe is represented by widgets (one per slot) on the MAP-300 dashboard. When a slot is populated, the widget representing that slot identifies the cassette and provides quick access to the main device settings. The user can change the size of the widget to see more detail on specific cassettes. A detailed view of a cassette is available, whilst still having a complete view of all other slots.

Figure 8 - MAP-380 Dashboard GUI example.

The settings panel gives you access to network and system settings, as well as remote chassis and license
settings if available. The MAP-300 can be rebooted or placed in standby mode using through the GUI or local

Standard Compliant Automation Drivers

MAP-Series has intuitive, optimised interchangeable virtual instrument (IVI) drivers for ease of use with popular application-development environments, such as LabVIEW, Visual C++, Visual Basic, and LabWindows™, provide full control of the modules and drop-in instrument programming capabilities. These capabilities let test programmers focus on test-level functions and sequences rather than the details required to communicate with the specific modules in the MAP system. The IVI drivers provide a simulation mode that lets automation developers capture system configurations so they can perform most of their development off line, freeing hardware for other purposes. These features make test automation development and debugging fast and easy.

MAP implementation within a shared resource environment

MAP implementation within a shared resource environment


MAP Chassis Selection Guide

VIAVI offers a variation of chassis, the table below summaries their key attributes of each chassis and why it would be ideal for you. For more information about each mainframe consult their appropriate data sheets. 




Modular Family










Controller Touchscreen


Super Apps


Optional Touchscreen


Remote Control


Field Replaceable Controller


Optional Plug-in Modules




LightDirect and LightTest


Benchtop and Rackmount


3U, ½ 19” rack






3.5-in touchscreen for network/system controls


320 X 240 resolution



USB 15.6-in display, 1920X1080 resolution. Docks to benchtop.






GPIB, USB/LAN, Expansion, LXI Trigger




Benchtop, Rackmount and Reverse Rackmount


3U, 19” rack



USB 15.6-in display, 1920X1080 resolution. Does not dock.




LightDirect Only


Benchtop, Rackmount and Reverse Rackmount


2U, ½ 19” rack






3.5-in touchscreen that replaces the need for a PC















Optical Switch only


Benchtop and Rackmount


2U, ½ 19” rack




NA < 75 ports






Benchtop and Reverse Rackmount


4U, 19” rack


NA < 160 ports


Ordering Information

For more information on this or other products and their availability, please contact your local VIAVI account manager or VIAVI directly at 1-844-GO-VIAVI (1-844-468-4284) or to reach the VIAVI office nearest you, visit

MAP-300 Mainframes 

Chassis Slot Number


Part Number

Three-Slot Mainframe

MAP-330A 3 Slot 3U 19-in LightTest Basic Mainframe


MAP-330A 3 Slot 3U Half 19-in LightTest Benchtop Mainframe


MAP-330A 3 Slot 3U Half 19-in LightTest Benchtop Mainframe with Touchscreen


MAP-330A 3 Slot 3U Half 19-in LightTest Rackmount Mainframe


Eight-Slot Mainframe

MAP-380A 8 Slot 3U 19-in LightTest Benchtop Mainframe


MAP-380A 8 Slot 3U 19-in LightTest Rackmount Mainframe


MAP-380A 8 Slot 3U 19-in LightTest Reverse Rackmount Mainframe


MAP-300 Accessories and Replacement Parts



Part Number

Plug-in modules

MAP-300A GPIB Plug-in Module


MAP-300A Trigger Module


MAP-300 USB-LAN Expansion Module


Replacement Equipment

MAP-330 Basic Chassis, No Controller


MAP-380 Basic Chassis, No Controller


MAP-380 Reverse Basic Chassis, No Controller


MAP-300 Modular Controller


Cassette Extraction Latch Kit – Button


Cassette Extraction Latch Kit – Legacy


Optional Touchscreen

15.6-inch Touchscreen



MAP-330A 3 slot Half 19-in 15.6-in Touchscreen Conversion Kit


Rackmount Conversion Kit, MAP-380


Rackmount Conversion Kit, MAP-330


Benchtop Conversion Kit


Rackmount Kit. 15.6-in Touchscreen



Retention Bar for MAP-380 Rackmount and Reverse Rackmount Mainframes


Hard Case, MAP-330


Hard Case, MAP-380


15.6-in Touchscreen Hardcover


15.6-in Touchscreen Screen Protector


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    VIAVI MAP-Series Optical Power Meter Module (mOPM-C1)
    SKU: mOPM-C1
    The MAP-based integrated multi-wavelength meter and high resolution optical spectrum analyser module combines sub-GHz resolution performance and compact modularity in a single slot cassette. Panel mount or remote head configurations with densities up to 4 per module. Learn More
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    VIAVI MAP-Series Multiwavelength Meter & Hi-Res. OSA Spectral Measurement Modules
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    VIAVI MAP-Series Swept Wavelength System (mSWS)
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    VIAVI MAP-Series PCT IL and RL Test Modules (mORL-A1)
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    Singlemode Insertion Loss / Return Loss test meter and fully EF-compliant multimode Insertion Loss test modules for use with the VIAVI advanced MAP-Series platform. Learn More
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    VIAVI MAP-Series Polarisation Scrambler Controller (mPCX)
    SKU: mPCX-C1
    The MAP-Series Polarisation Control Module (mPCX-C1) provides polarisation scrambling, control and stabilisation for use in applications such as temporal depolarisation, 100G+ coherent interface testing as well as stabilisation and tracking of target SOP conditions. Learn More
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    VIAVI MAP-Series Multiport Tuneable Filter Module (mTFX-C1)
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    The Multiple Application Platform (MAP-Series) multiport tunable filter module (mTFX-C1) dramatically simplifies test signal management for next-generation 100 G+ interfaces, sub-systems, and system test. Learn More
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    VIAVI MAP-Series Variable Optical Attenuator (mVOA-C1)
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    High-resolution, wide wavelength-range attenuator ideal for use in applications such as analog systems and high bit-rate digital systems. Learn More
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    VIAVI MAP-Series Passive Utility Module (mUTL-C1)
    SKU: mUTL-C1
    The MAP-Series Utility Module, mUTL-C1, provides a range of passive optical devices such as couplers, splitters, Mux/Demux modules and band-pass filters to simplify the integration of these devices into automated test systems. Learn More
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    VIAVI MAP-Series Optical Switch Solutions (mOSW-C1/mISW-C1)
    SKU: mOSW-C1/mISW-C1
    Optical Switch Solutions built on the industry-leading, fourth-generation instrumentation class of VIAVI optical switch technology. Learn More
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    VIAVI MAP-Series Tuneable DBR Laser (mTLG-C2)
    SKU: mTLG-C2
    The Multiple Application Platform (MAP series) Tuneable Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) Laser (mTLG-C2) is a next-generation tuneable laser that is ideal for DWDM testing that requires changing the wavelength on demand over the C- and L-band with 50 GHz spacing. Learn More
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