Lapping and Polishing Machines

Designed for a wide range of applications including cross-sections, wedge TEM samples, parallel polish of SEM samples, fiber optic connectors and many other routine processes. The ULTRAPOL series features advanced control and process functions for the accurate processing of modern generations of IC’s.

Lapping and Polishing Applications

Materials Science

Cutting and Polishing is widespread throughout industry and research. Whether preparing samples for metallography, AFM, SEM, FT-IR spectroscopy depth profiling, and related microscopy methods or straightforward requirements for producing representative polished surfaces of bulk engineering materials or components, ULTRA TEC offers a wide range of precision surface and sample preparation equipment to meet the challenge.

ULTRASLICE saws provide high versatility and an unbeatable combination of features for materials labs. The in-built traveling table feed provides the highest versatility holding for samples of all shapes and sizes. Long linear cuts may also be made for metallurgical failure analysis applications, with a motor being robust and fast enough enough to handle large metallic specimens as easily as small and soft polymers and ceramics.

For the thinnest, most parallel slices, MICROSLICE provides the answer for users with expensive or unique specimens, needing to reduce materials loss during the sawing operation.

Lapping & Polishing

ULTRAPOL End & Edge Polisher accepts ‘Quick Release’ workholders. For metallographic and materialographic sample preparation this approach allows for the convenient production of encapsulated samples. Edge polisher holders and SEM stub holders further extend the use of the system for precision cross-section applications.

A recent enhancement is the Digital Angle Dial upgrade, which allows for extremely accurate angles to be achieved on a surface.

For more exacting flatness or parallelism requirements, our ULTRAPOL Advance Polisher works with an in-situ ULTRACOLLIMATOR. ULTRAPOL Advance offers advanced stub workholders to fit most SEM's and FIB's and a user friendly interface for flat sample production.

MULTIPOL provides the answer for wafers, geological specimens and other samples up to 4-inches (102mm) in diameter.


Processing of flats, windows, and prisms is made straightforward with our ULTRAPOL machines, that incorporate advanced micropositioners, and are equipped with ‘Quick Release’ workholders to hold samples of most sizes, shapes and orientations firmly and accurately. In most cases surface preparation is possible without the need for waxes or cements, due to the unique design of workholders for typical and custom integrated optics, bare fiber and related applications.

For larger surfaces, the MULTIPOL polishers provide the answer for achieving optically flat (and parallel) surfaces. MULTIPOL's provide a cost-effective means of producing and refurbishing extremely flat and parallel laser rods of materials such as YAG, ruby, sapphire and other crystal materials. The system is used in conjunction with a precision polishing jig, that allows precise alignment and incorporates an independent central sample loading section. The hollow center allows a laser rod to be accurately mounted and prepared at both ends, but also facilitates use of the ULTRACOLLIMATOR optical tool, to provide alignment and overall parallelism down to a few seconds of arc.

Fiber Optics

Optical fiber is an excellent vehicle for high-speed data transmission as long as light transmission is efficient - even across connector assemblies. This translates to a need to polish connector end faces to optimize performance. Increasingly, with the adoption of newer fiber configurations, as well as ever-tightening specifications, automation of the polishing process is a necessity.

ULTRA TEC provides a leading range of polishers to the fiber optic industry -- from manual polishing and low production of single patchcords, through 'in the field' polishing, right up to mass production on our new FIBERTEC machine.

Bare Fibers

For users who are primarily interested in bare fibers, ULTRA TEC offers the NANOpol Bare Fiber Beveling Machine and the ULTRAPOL range: the End and Edge polisher allows for polishing of bare fiber (and connectors etc.) ends from 0 to 10 degrees; the Fiber lensing system offers the means to sculpting, or lensing, the end of the fiber.

Bare fibers may need to be polished with a flat or beveled end, or even with the production of a specific 'lensing' effect -- achieved with side-on conical polishing. ULTRA TEC has developed both products and techniques for providing support to the generally fragile bare fiber during lapping and polishing, which can achieve the results required for most bare fiber requirements. Workholders are normally mounted on the ULTRAPOL polishing machine.

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  1. Rating:
    Ultra Tec ULTRAPOL Manual Polishing Station
    SKU: 1201.1
    Fluid containment tray and 8 inch (203mm) aluminum polishing surface. For convenient, practical polishing lab management. Can be used with films, pads or glass surfaces. Learn More
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    Ultra Tec NANOPOL Bare Fiber Bevelling System
    SKU: 8801.BF
    Designed for the price-conscious university and research environments, NANOPOL uses a 4 inch diameter polishing lap – a size specially chosen for improved flatness/run-out and low consumables costs. Learn More
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    Ultra Tec MULTIPOL 8 & 10 Flat Lapping and Polishing Machines
    SKU: 6110.1
    The MULTIPOL 8 & 10 are designed for failure analysis, research and pilot-scale production applications. Allows many methods of sample holding-producing a high versatility, further extended with a wide range of accessories and polishing plates. Learn More
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    Ultra Tec ULTRAPOL FIBERLAB Module System
    SKU: 6370.1
    The FIBERLAB system provides all the angular control and polishing features required for the effective processing of bare optical fibers to produce a range of end shapes including CONES, BEVELS, FLATS, CHISELS (Screwdriver) and BEVELED BALL TIPS. Learn More
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    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
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    Ultra Tec ULTRAPOL Basic - Manual Lapping & Polishing Machine
    SKU: 1209.1
    ULTRAPOL Basic lapping and polishing machine offers the build-quality required for high precision manual polishing of materials for production, research and NAND flash chip-off in digital forensics. Learn More
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    Ultra Tec ULTRAPOL Advance - Flat Lapping and Polishing Machine
    SKU: 3250
    All-in-one lapping and polishing workstation for the production of flat surfaces. Advanced control and process features for accurate processing of electronic components. Learn More
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    Ultra Tec ULTRAPOL End & Edge Polisher
    SKU: 6390
    Flat and angled preparation of optical, electronic and materialographic components Learn More
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