Chip-Off for Digital Forensics

Cold chip-off techniques for producing readable NAND-flash chips for data extraction, used in the retrieval of mobile data. Made in USA and used in labs around the world.

Cold chip-off techniques empowering the retrieval of mobile data

The gathering and maintenance of data evidence is the overriding requirement for law enforcement professionals engaged in Digital Forensics. Mobile devices provide information (texts, emails, phone calls, GPS etc.) relative to a suspect’s whereabouts and communications provide important evidence for an investigation.

Chip-Off is an important technique for digital forensics professionals who need to access data from mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets by matter subtraction. Older thermal techniques, using a heat-gun and a tweezer, have low yields and can lead to an unacceptable loss of data. Ultra Tec has developed a range of mechanical machinery (precision sawing, milling and flat grinding) that keep process temperatures low – known as “Cold Chip-Off” – and can prepare NAND Flash devices from all directions – leading to consistency between users, and the highest yield – with maintenance of crucial data after matter subtraction.

Which chip-off systems are right for my lab?

Ultra Tec is pleased to offer you cost-effective sample prep equipment with the minimum requirements for spare parts and ongoing maintenance – no nasty pricing ‘surprises’ down the road.


System Name

Main Features
ULTRAPOL Basic Manual Chip-Off Machine ULTRAPOL Basic Manual Chip-Off Machine Low Cost, cold chip-off solution, Already in use in crime labs throughout the world
Ultra-Tec Ultrapol Long-arm PackageUltra Tec ULTRAPOL Basic - Chip-Off Package With Long Arm ULTRAPOL Basic System Package Includes the LONG ARM Positioner for further increased yield and ease of use
Ultra Tec ULTRAPOL Basic - Chip-Off Package With Long Arm BLUE MILL

Manual Milling system that uses uses small diamond and milling tools to pick out just the area of interest. Quickly removes PCB materials with no heat rise.

Cavity size is mechanically set -- no need for G-Code or computer programming.

Ultra Tec ULTRASLICE MACROTOME - Precision Diamond Saw ULTRASLICE Macrotome 

Safely sections (up to) whole cellphones and boards to gain access to the internal PCB's and NAND flash chips. 

After the MACROTOME operation, the part is transferred for further processing with ULTRAPOL or BLUE MILL Machines


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Which milling system is right for my lab?

For even higher accuracy milling and polishing accuracy, we offer the industry-leading ASAP-1 Selected Area Preparation Systems.

  Ultra Tec BLUE MILL

Ultra Tec ASAP-1

  Ultra Tec ASAP-1 IPS
Control System Analog Analog Digital
Bench-top YES YES YES
Standard Z-Accuracy 10 microns 1 micron 0.04 microns
Standard X&Y Accuracy 10 microns 10 microns 0.2 microns
X&Y Max. Amplitude 18 mm 25mm or 50mm (option) 100 mm
High Torque Motor Upgrade YES YES YES
Machine Vision YES - low mag option YES - low mag option YES - medium mag - monitor upgrade available
Patented Floating Head NO - direct Z position set YES YES - further enhanced with force-feedback software
Touch-off Mechanism


Mechanical Gauge (offline) Force Sensor (online)
Programmable? NO NO YES
Tilt Table? YES - optional manual YES - manual YES - Manual or Automated
Table Illumination Method Optional LED's Optional incandescent lamp

In situ LED's

Vacuum Material Removal NO NO System Option
Curvature Correction Module (upgrade) NO NO YES
Thermal Relaxation Stage (upgrade) NO NO YES
Electrical End-point Upgrades NO NO YES
Price Low Low - Medium Medium - high


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    Ultra Tec ASAP-1 IPS - Digital Selected Area Preparation System
    SKU: 6760.3
    The industry standard for preparation equipment, used by engineers for failure analysis, yield enhancement, radiation testing, and competitive analysis who rely on the ASAP-1 for backside preparation. Learn More
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    Ultra Tec ULTRASLICE MACROTOME - Precision Diamond Saw
    SKU: 8520.4
    Low cost sectioning system for mobile chips & devices. Quiet, safe, direct drive design for smooth, chatter free slicing system for important and fragile industrial samples. Learn More
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    Ultra Tec BLUE MILL - Benchtop Milling Machine
    SKU: 8215.1
    Low speed milling, chip-off and IC pre-cavitation machine. Produce accurate chip-offs, reproducible pre-cavitated devices -- ready for testing or final decapsulation with chemicals or plasma. Learn More
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    Ultra Tec ULTRAPOL Basic - Chip-Off Package With Long Arm
    SKU: 6911.1
    Semi-automatic grinding and polishing machine for digital forensics. ULTRAPOL Basic can be enhanced by the addition of the Long Arm positioner. Learn More
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    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
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