NorthLab: NORIA FBG Manufacturing

NorthLab Photonics in Sweden is a leader in advanced fiber preparation, splicing and glass/fiber processing specifically designed for manufacturing of Fiber Lasers, Mode field adapters (MFA), Combiners/Bundles to preparation and splicing of polyimide, exotic and Large Diameter Fibers.

NorthLab Photonics Products and Solutions

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  1. OEM (Optical Equipment Manufacturing) 2
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  5. Fiber Optic End Capping 2
  6. Fiber Optic Lensing 2
  7. Fiber Optic Tapering 2
  8. OCD (Optical Combiner Development) 2
  9. Research and Development 3
  10. Fiber Cleaving and Preparation 2
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  2. Aerospace and Defence 2
  3. Fiber Optic Lasers 2
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    NorthLab ProView Fiber End Face Interferometer & Microscope
    SKU: IF-02-01000
    Highly advanced interferometer for precise measurement and inspection of fiber end faces with cladding diameters between 125 - 720µm. Learn More
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    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
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    NorthLab ProCoater Fiber Recoater
    SKU: RC-01-01000
    Ultra-compact fiber recoater designed to cover a wide range of fiber diameters and coating materials. Learn More
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    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
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