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Transponder Solutions

Transponder Solutions


Packetlight 10G and 100G DWDM/OTN Alien Wavelength Upgrade Solutions

Alien wavelength provides the ability to drive more capacity and transporting additional wavelengths over any exiting OTN/DWDM network infrastructure.

Benefits of the Alien Wavelength solution:

  1. Cost effective upgrade of existing networks to support higher capacity and better spectral efficiency without getting into total infrastructure replacement or change
  2. It helps serving sensitive customers who do not like that their information will be transported and shared on the same wavelength or aggregated with others
  3. Helps to solve bottlenecks in the network and minimizes the number of wavelengths
  4. Extends the support for Transparent WL services and enables the service provider to support  solutions such as Video and Fibre Channel (FC) and transport them as pure WL over the infrastructure
  5. Provide the flexibility to use different vendor hardware seamlessly over the same infrastructure
  6. It enables longer distance solutions riding over existing carrier networks

The OTN layer enables the network providers to have and manage standard based common transport layer in which Data, SONET/SDH, FC and Video are all mapped into standard OTN “capsules”. In addition, the OTN layer enables the end to end management of both ends using the GCC channels.

PacketLight OTN product family of 10G (OTU2) and 100G (OTU4) Muxponders and transponders provide the affordable solution for providing Alien wavelength solutions. They fully comply with the ITU standards for the DWDM and OTN. Their small footprint and ease of deployment and maintenance enables fast turn up of higher capacity wavelength and smooth upgrade of the network capacity.

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  1. PacketLight PL-2000DC - 1.6T DCI Optical Transport Platform

    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

    SKU # PL-2000DC
  2. PacketLight PL-1000T - 100G Transponder Solution

    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

    SKU # PL-1000T
  3. PacketLight PL-1000GT - Coherent 100G Long Haul Solution

    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

    SKU # PL-1000GT
  4. PacketLight PL-1000GM - Multirate 10G/40G/100G Optical Transport Solution

    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

    SKU # PL-1000GM
  5. PacketLight PL-1000TN - High Capacity OTU2 Optical Transport Unit

    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

    SKU # PL-1000TN
  6. PacketLight PL-1000 - 10Gb Ethernet DWDM Transponder

    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

    SKU # PL-1000
  7. PacketLight 1000TE - Up to 16G Universal WDM Transponder

    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

    SKU # PL-1000TE
  8. PacketLight PL-400 - Multi-Service CWDM or DWDM Transport Access Device

    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

    SKU # PL-400
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