PacketLight: DWDM Optical Transport

PacketLight's full scale WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) product suite allows the transport of any mix of services — from 2Mbps up to 200Gbe — over existing dark fiber, CWDM, or DWDM network infrastructure.

Packetlight Products and Solutions

Get the best performance out of your optical network

PacketLight deliver tailored WDM systems that provide cutting edge technology within your budget.

Native Video Transport for Broadcasters

Addressing broadcasters unique requirements (such as copper based interfaces, pathological pattern encoding schemes and various video rates) while enabling it to share the same fiber and OTN (Optical Transport Network) infrastructure as other common telecommunication protocols such as Ethernet, SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel.

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Native Video Transport for Broadcasters

OTN and WDM Networks for Carriers

PacketLight's solution is ideal for service providers to deliver high capacity services cost effectively within a short lead time, either by building new network infrastructure or by adding high capacity 100G/200G alien wavelengths over existing infrastructure.

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OTN and WDM Networks for Carriers

DWDM Solutions for Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

PacketLight solutions build high capacity short haul, metro and long haul 100G/200G high capacity secured data center interconnect networks, with low latency and easy scalability.

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DWDM Solutions for Data Center Interconnect

DWDM Networks over Dark Fiber for Financial Institutions

PacketLight's private and secured low latency, high capacity, DWDM over dark fiber solutions for financial institutions. A flexible mix of high data rate and Fibre Channel services combined with Layer-1 encryption capabilities.

Secure solutions for financal transactions

DWDM Networks over Dark Fiber for Financial Institutions

Managed WDM Solutions for Dark Fiber Providers

PacketLight solutions for dark fiber providers for providing advanced managed service offerings such as 10/40/100Gb Ethernet, 16/32G Fibre Channel, video transport, encryption, and monitoring capabilities, enabling them to offer managed services to their customers.

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Managed WDM Solutions for Dark Fiber Providers

WDM Solutions for Research and Education

PacketLight's solutions are ideal for building and supporting campus-type environments by providing tailored carrier grade high capacity infrastructure.

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WDM Solutions for Research and Education

WDM Solutions for Enterprises

PacketLight solutions for data center needs of enterprises - providing high capacity, low latency data and storage connectivity between separate LAN and SAN islands using dark fiber and WDM infrastructure.

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WDM Solutions for Enterprises

Teleprotection over DWDM Transport Solutions for Utilities

PacketLight solutions are ideal for utility companies building or upgrading optical backbone infrastructure to support a mix of SONET/SDH and Ethernet services and carrying teleprotection services.

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Teleprotection over DWDM Transport Solutions for Utilities

100G Media Converter for Data Transport

PacketLight solution for connecting different types of 100G equipment interfaces using a single box solution, cost-effectively.

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DWDM Solutions for Data Center Interconnect
What differentiates PacketLight WDM?

Carrier Grade Reliability

PacketLight Networks offers reliable, carrier grade CWDM, DWDM and OTN solutions that ensure access to business and critical data while protecting investment with scalable, pay-as-you grow architecture without service disruption, and carrier class service with guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Rich High-end Feature Set

PacketLight’s unique, integrated (1U) architecture is carrier grade feature rich and allows scalability, manageability and ease of use and maintenance to support any WDM infrastructure from simple Point-to-Point networks to carrier class metro access rings and linear add-and-drop networks.

Flexibility and Scalability

PacketLight’s product suite offers multirate Transponders, Muxponders, Optical Amplification, pluggable optics and ROADM to provide unlimited flexibility to build a cost effective, scalable, highly efficient optical network infrastructure for carriers, enterprise campuses and data centers.

Compact, Low Power Consumption Solution

PacketLight products present the leading edge in small footprint WDM products. They have the highest port density in 1U footprint, thus decreasing the cost of space and power consumption, the two issues that are the biggest challenges for data centers and central offices.

Operate Your Network With Ease

PacketLight’s NMS/EMS LightWatch and the built-in free web based management tools provide remote configuration, performance monitoring, fault management, and ease of administration capabilities that enable a user to quickly adapt to the equipment without complicated education process.

Solutions that Provide Solid Savings

PacketLight’s modular design allows customers true pay-as-you-grow architecture to significantly decrease CAPEX. In addition, simplified operation and remote management eliminate high maintenance cost decreasing the overall OPEX of the organisation.

PacketLight WDM Solutions Set
PacketLight's Complete Solutions Set for DWDM and Dark Fiber Applications

PacketLight’s carrier-class CWDM, DWDM and OTN optical platforms offer the flexibility to build a cost-effective, highly efficient network for enterprises, telcos and managed services providers.

PacketLight success stories from around the world

Brocade and PacketLight deliver a simplified, field-proven Storage Area Network (SAN) connectivity solution that supports the growing need for data storage backup, disaster recovery readiness, and redundancy without adding complexity or using valuable space in the data center.

It & Tel relies on DWDM solution based on PacketLight’s PL-1000: A Cost-effective WDM solutions for supporting the 10G-MPLS network.

SVOLS has a successfully deployed 10G optical network stretching over 2000km with PacketLight Networks enabling SVOLS to lease lines to commercial customers and increase its service offering to existing and potential customers.

The PacketLight carrier grade DWDM solution gave CERN a throughput rate of multiple 10 Gbps in a compact and easy to configure 1U chassis with the possibility of easy expansion.

RETN chooses PacketLight’s 100G connectivity to upgrade sections of its network.