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iConverter Management System Overview

The iConverter Management System is a comprehensive management solution that monitors network performance, enables remote configuration and provisioning, and provides fault notification status.

  • Remote configuration/provisioning reduces trips to edge equipment and accelerates service deployments
  • Performance monitoring enables Service Level Agreements and provides warnings on potential problems
  • Fault management proactively monitors for network problems and quickly isolates network faults
  • Intuitive software interface simplifies provisioning of complex networks and services

NetOutlook Network Management Software and EMS

   netoutlook-collage  netoutlook-carrier  netoutlook-ems


NetOutlook Standard EditionNetOutlook Carrier Ethernet EditionNetOutlook Element Management System
  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Utility Smart Grid
  • Service Provider
  • Government
  • Utility Smart Grid
  • Service Provider
  • Utility Smart Grid
  • 802.1ah Link OAM
  • Remote Configuration
  • Fault Alarms/Traps
  • Service OAM
  • G.8031 and G.8032 Protection
  • Service Activation Testing
  • Service OAM
  • Geographic Mapping
iConverter Products Supported
  • Media Converters
  • NMM2 Management Modules*
  • M2 NIDs*
  • CWDM Multiplexers
  • T1/E1 Multiplexers
  • Chassis
  • GM3 and GM4 NIDs
  • HybridNIDs
  • Up to 10,000 GM3 and GM4 NIDs

*Hardware requirement for management of modules and chassis

Management Hardware Requirements

Omnitron's iConverter Multi-Service Platform can be managed with NetOutlook Standard Edition SNMP Management Software.

iConverter GM3 and GM4 NIDs can be managed with NetOutlook Carrier Edition SNMP Management Software, and large scale NID deployments can be managed with the NetOutlook Element Management System.

iConverter Copper-to-Fiber media convertersFiber-to-Fiber media convertersCWDM multiplexers and Chassis can be managed with an iConverter NMM2 Network Management Module or plug-in NID module installed in the chassis. iConverter Network Interface Devices and select T1/E1 Multiplexers have integrated SNMP management capabilities.

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