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FITEL: Fusion Splicers

FITEL: Fusion Splicers

AusOptic proudly presents the complete line of Furukawa Electric’s world-leading FITEL fusion splicing machines. FITEL splicers are simple to use, yet precise and reliable tools - ready for your most demanding splicing needs in the field, or on the bench.

FITEL and AusOptic

World-leading splicing technology, local AusOptic support.

Every FITEL fusion splicer we deliver comes standard with AusOptic's highest level of service. Our experienced team is here to help you with your splicer, providing you with field support and equipment training throughout its life.

2 year warranty coverage

New splicers are guaranteed for 2-years, backed by our free 24/7 technical support via our toll free line and local support team.

Free 1-year equipment service

The first equipment service is free during your first year of ownership, including free loan equipment (subject to availability) during the warranty period.

Tuned and kitted for harsh Australian conditions

Fully specified with our custom road kit and individually tuned by our engineers in Sydney, ready for work the field.

Used by Australia's leading telecommunications and optical research groups

  • ANU
  • ASC
  • Downer
  • DST Group
  • Finisar
  • NBN
  • Optus
  • Sydney Trains
  • Telstra
  • Thiess
  • University of Adelaide
  • Visionstream

Built to work under harsh conditions

The toughest in the business. The only fusion splicer with 5-angle drop resistance, able to hit the floor, and successfully complete the splice.

Shock Resistant
IK07 Shock Resistance
Drop Resistant
5-axis Drop Resistant
Water Resistant
IPX2 Water Proof
Dust Resistant
IP5X Dust Proof
  • IK07 rating Mechanical impact means that the machine protects against 2 joule impact, it is equivalent to 500g force from 40cm. This does not guarantee that the machine will always be undamaged under these conditions.
  • Passed better than 76 cm drop tests from 5 different angles. Standard operations could be carried out after conducting the above tests. These tests were performed at the Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. laboratories with no significant damage resulting. This does not guarantee that the machine will always be undamaged under these conditions.
  • IPX2 rating drip proof means that the machine can be exposed to 3 mm/min drips for 10 minutes with 15 degree tilt and still function.
  • IP5X rating dust proof means that the machine can be exposed to dust particles with a diameter of 0.1 µm to 25 µm and still function.

FITEL Fusion Splicer Range

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  1. Rating:
    FITEL S179A Hand-Held Core Alignment Fusion Splicer Kit
    SKU: 473083
    The exceptional new FITEL S179 Fusion Splicer delivers rapid splicing and heating ability with consistent results, splice after splice. Learn More
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    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
  2. Rating:
    FITEL NINJA NJ001 Handheld Single Fibre Fusion Splicer
    SKU: 473078
    Powerful FITEL splicing performance in a compact low-profile chassis — long battery life and rugged durability — ready tackle aerial, indoor, construction, and low-light conditions Learn More
    AU$4,753.86 AU$4,321.69
    Ships in 10 to 20 Business Days
  3. Rating:
    FITEL S183PMII and S184PM-SLDF Advanced Fusion Splicer Series
    The FITEL S183PMII ver.2 and S184PM-SLDF ver.2 Advanced Fusion Splicers. Designed especially for the demanding OEM, R&D, production and other special applications of the optical components industry. Learn More
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  4. Rating:
    FITEL S153A-22v.2 Fusion Splicer Kit (10mm) Hard carry case and
    SKU: 473064
    S153A-21 Fusion splicer (10mm) Kit, Splicer Hard carry case, Manual and accessories. Learn More
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  5. Rating:
    FITEL ID-H/R v3 Optical Fibre Identifier - Suits 250um, 900um, 2
    SKU: 575001
    Fully specified for Australian Telco and NBN work. Universal chuck suits 250um, 900um, 2mm and 3mm fibres. Detects tone and traffic signals in optical fiber. Super lightweight industrial plastic construction. Learn More
    AU$1,632.81 AU$1,484.37
    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
  6. Rating:
    FITEL S326A High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver
    SKU: 473030
    AU$806.03 AU$732.75
    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
  7. Rating:
    FITEL S218R Thermal Stripper - Cordless, light and quick, for ri
    SKU: 302036
    FITEL S218R Thermal Stripper is hand-held thermal stripping tool, heats to operating temperature in 10 seconds, with minimal maintenance required. Learn More
    AU$1,878.07 AU$1,707.34
    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
  8. Rating:
    FITEL S123M12 v2 Ribbon Fusion Splicer Kit + S326A Cleaver + S21
    SKU: 473079
    FITEL S123M12 Ribbon Fibre Fusion Splicer Kit (includes 2 x 12-Fiber Holder, 250um Holder) + FITEL S326A High Precision Cleaver + FITEL S218R Thermal Stripper. Strip, cleave and splice both single fibre & 12-fibre ribbon. Ideal for NBN work. Learn More
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    Ships in 10 to 15 Business Days
  9. Rating:
    FITEL 178A-22 Handheld Core-alignment Fusion Splicer Kit (Discon
    SKU: 473054
    Hand-held size that combines speed, precision, durability and portability — Versatile across FTTx, LAN, backbone, enterprise, data-center, and long-haul installations Learn More
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  10. Rating:
    FITEL S123M12v.2 Multi-fibre Ribbon (1-12) Fusion Splicer Kit (2
    SKU: 473065
    Rugged, compact and precise hand-held splicer for NBN fibre — Kit includes 250um Holder Sets, 2 batteries & accessories Learn More
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    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
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