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Connector cleaners, lapping film, adhesives, solvents, wipes, swabs and sticks from brands like NTT-AT, forte, US Conec, Miller, Angstrom and Norland.
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  1. Rating:
    Opto-Wipes™ 300 series, Lint-free cleaning wipes, 2" x 4", 800 w
    SKU: 223004
    300 series — Blue lint-free Cloth — 2" x 4" — 800 wipes/pack — Suits ribbon fibre Learn More
    AU$61.92 AU$56.29
    Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days
  2. Rating:
    Opto-Wipes™ 300 series, Lint free cleaning wipes, blue, 4" x 4",
    SKU: 223000
    300 series — Lint free cleaning wipes — 4" square — 200 wipes/pk Learn More
    AU$31.53 AU$28.66
    In Stock / Available for Dispatch
  3. Rating:
    Chemtronics Electro-Wash MX Gel Removal Wipes 8''x10'' 25/pack
    SKU: 214006
    Handy wipes that are pre-saturated with Electro-Wash MX solvent. Removes organic and ionic soils. Leaves no residue. Ideal for cleaning fibre optic connectors and removing gel from cables. Learn More
    AU$57.44 AU$52.22
    Ships in 10 to 20 Business Days
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