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Professional-grade fiber splicing, optical test equipment, tools and consumables. Fully supported by AusOptic's experienced local service team, genuine manufacturer-backed parts and warranty.

Fusion Splicing

Fusion splicers for single fiber, ribbon fiber, and large diameter applications from FITEL. Splicing accessories from forte. Book splicer servicing and repairs with our Sydney-based service team.

Test and Inspection

Ethernet and LAN Devices

Solutions for encryption over dark fiber, extending network distance and capacity, utilising existing infrastructure, working across legacy and mixed vendor environments.

Passive Optical Devices and Connectors

Range of adaptors, attenuators, connectors, enclosures and cassettes from 3M, Fiber Plus, and forte.

Hand Tools and Fibre Termination

Tools, cases, kits and accessories from brands like forte, Miller, Micro-Strip, Pelican and more.


Connector cleaners, lapping film, adhesives, solvents, wipes, swabs and sticks from brands like NTT-AT, forte, US Conec, Miller, Angstrom and Norland.

Accessories and Safety