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Dimension EasyCheck Integrated Fiber End-face Visual Inspector

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Quick Overview

Compact and easy to use, the EasyCheck features 8" LCD monitor and 80-400x Fiber End-face microscope




Dimension EasyCheck Integrated Fiber End-face Visual Inspector

Availability: Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

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Availability: Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days



  • Integrated design: the integrated design has a small size and saves working space
  • Series of adaptors: we provide adaptors for almost every kind of connectors, transceivers
  • Long lasting time: the key components are reliable and stable to provide long lasting time


The EasyCheck is an integrated fiber end-face inspector developed by dimension technology; it combines optical microscope and monitor in a body other than separate designs. It has clear images and long life time. EasyCheck has series of adaptors for various kinds of connectors such as multi fiber connectors, optical components for transceivers, transceivers and can save the images to SD card. It is an essential instrument for optical manufacturing.


Integrated design

Easycheck has a compact size due to its integrated design and saves working space, it is a great breakthrough compared with traditional endface inspector of separate structure.


Excellent image quality

With coaxial illumination optical magnify system, Easycheck can easily find the slight defects on fiber endface. High resolution image sensor and 8" pure black-and-white digital TFT LCD can show the most truly details of fiber endface.


Image input, output and storage function

Easycheck provides video input and output functions to fulfil the various demand of customers. The Easycheck is able to connect to Easyget portable inspector and make it very easy to test various female types of connectors.

Easycheck also has image capture function, it can capture image of the endface and save it in SD card provided with Easycheck. The image capture function offers a great help in manufacturing and quality controlling.


Multiple products inspection

Easycheck has many types of adaptors, and it is able to check all kinds of fiber connectors (including MPO/MTP, MT-RJ connector), Optical transceiver Module (including 40G -100G MPO Module,SFP,XFP, QSFP), TOSA/ROSA components and so on.





Modules and Adaptors




Easycheck has many models. It can be classified by magnification of sight, adjustable sight, and inspection subjects. The model are listed in the table below.

Item Type    
XXX:Magnification 080:80X 200:200X 400:400X
Y:Adjustable B:Fixed K:Adjustable  
Z:Inspection Type C:Connectors Z:Components M:Transceiver Modules



80X, 200X or 400X
Output Format
Analog PAL
CCD Resolution
1/3” 625 Line CCD
Input Signal
Output Signal
Power Consumption
Work Temperature
Storage Temperature
Easyget input
8” TFT 800*600
Power Supply
DC 12V



Model Display size of 125um fiber at 8″ monitor Range of sight at 8″ monitor Resolution
Easycheck 080 Φ16mm 937.5~1250um 2.7um
 Easycheck 200 Φ40mm 375~500um 1.1um
 Easycheck 400 Φ80mm  180~250um 0.7um



Easycheck is able to inspect fiber connectors and optical components such as TOSA, ROSA.The adjust type can inspect multi fiber connectors. The models are listed below:
Model Magnification Adjustable Inspection Type
EC080BC 80X No Single Fiber Connector
EC200BC 200X No Single Fiber Connector
EC400BC 400X No Single Fiber Connector**
EC080BZ 80X No TOSA/ROSA Components
EC200BZ 200X No TOSA/ROSA Components
EC080KC 80X Yes Single & Multi Fiber Connector
EC200KC 200X Yes Single & Multi Fiber Connector
EC400KC 400X Yes Single & Multi Fiber Connector**
EC080KZ 80X Yes TOSA/ROSA Components
EC200KZ 200X Yes TOSA/ROSA Components
* It is possible to change the inspection type between connector type and component type by changing adaptors. You can order additional adaptors.
**Not able to change to component adaptor



EasyCheck has a specialized type for transceivers. With adjustable sight, it is able to inspect multifiber transceiver modules of 40G and 100G. The adaptors are designed that can inspect both component and transcievers.

Model Magnification Adjustable Inspection Type
EC080BM 80X No Transceiver modules and TOSA/ROSA components
EC200BM 200X No Transceiver modules and TOSA/ROSA components
EC080KM 80X Yes Single & multi fiber transceiver modules and TOSA/ROSA components
EC200KM 200X Yes Single & multi fiber transceiver modules and TOSA/ROSA components

Easyget For 40G and 100G Transceivers


Size / Operation Benchtop, Compact
Magnification 200x, 400x, 80x
Applications End-face Inspection
Standard Package Contains
Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
Authorised distributor, benefit from manufacturer-backed, local warranty coverage, genuine parts, and our experienced local support team

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