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Dimension BINNA MT16/MTS Single/Multi Channel Integrated Interferometer

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Quick Overview

Automatic, non-contact fiber end-face interferometer for both multi fiber and single fiber connectors




Dimension BINNA MT16/MTS Single/Multi Channel Integrated Interferometer

Availability: Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days

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Availability: Ships in 15 to 20 Business Days



  • Non-contact white light interferometer, no harm to end-face
  • Fast auto-focus, easy to operate
  • 1-click measurement - only 1 click needed for entire measurement
  • Fast measurement - 5 seconds for 12-core MT measurement
  • Easy to calibrate, no need to adjust
  • Hardware
  • Dual language software interface



The Dimension BINNA MT16/MTS is an automatic, non-contact fiber end-face interferometer for both single and multi-fiber connectors. It measures the geometery parameters of multi-fiber connectors, such fiber height, core dip, X and Y angle, and the radius of curvature with white light, and measures geometry parameters of single fiber connectors with red light.

The software can display the surface of the connector in 3D image for a very short time, it needs only 5s to test 12-core MT connector. The BINNA-MTS is intelligent, efficient, stable and accurate.


Single and Multi Fiber Measurement

BINNA MT16/MTS is able to measure up to 72 core MT multi fiber connector such as MPO and MTP and single fiber connector such as SC, LC, FC, E2000 by only one machine. Measuring APC connector is as easy as PC connector. The advanced software design makes that the changing the single & multi measurement by clicking mouse twice.

Single and Multi Fiber Measurements



Ultra Fast Test Speed

BINNA MT16/MTS has extremely good software and hardware that makes test speed ultra fast.Only 5s is needed to measure 12 core MT connector.The BINNA-MTS is one of the fastest fiber endface interferometer.


Auto Focus & Auto Calibration

BINNA MT16/MTS has equipped advanced test software and several automatic functions,such as auto focus,auto calibration and so on.The automatic function makes that the BINNA-MTS has no need to adjust the hardware to measure various types of connectors.


Precise Fixtures, High Repeatability and Reproducibility

BINNA-MT16/MTS has equipped with several high precise fixtures to measure types of connectors. MT fixtures use PIN guide structure to ensure the accuracy and precision of test result.

The software has several patents-protected algorithms that makes the measurement more accurate, such as the algorithm designed for calculating CoreDip makes the result more sensible and reliable. The software has newest IEC standards to judge the test result in default that makes the test easy and precise.



Easy Operation

BINNA MT16/MTS is very easy to operate. Changing fixtures need only remove and install two screws by hand due to universal fixture design. Only a few clicks on the main interface is needed to change or customize measurement profiles. BINNA-MTS can increase the test efficiency and save the time of training; it is the best friend in manufacturing.


Stable Data Link

BINNA MT16/MTS has improved the data connection, it uses USB cables with lock structure and ensure the stable data link during the measurement.



High Resolution 3D Image

The software can rebuild the surface with high resolution 3D image after each measurement.



Auto Generate Data and Report

The data and report is generated by the software automatically in each measurement. The data and report are generated in Excel format and has data processing functions that is very helpful in data analysis.



Bare Ferrule Measurement

BINNA MT16/MTSis not only able to measure the geometry parameters of the connectors, but also can measure the geometry parameters of the bare ferrules.


Cleave Angle Measurement

BINNA MT16/MTS is able to measure the cleaving angle of bare fiber.

Flat Polish Measurement

BINNA-MTS is able to measure ROC(radius of curvature) , Fiber Height and Angle of flat polishing connector.





X/Y ROC/div>
3 to flat
X/Y Angle>
Up to 8
Fiber Height
0 to 8
Test Speed
MT-RJ Test:2s/12core MT connector:8s
Auto Focus Speed(s)

*Sigma value


Software Interface

未命名 -1




Rebuild Method




Size / Operation Benchtop
Applications High-Volume Manufacturing, End-face Inspection, End-face Interferometer
Standard Package Contains
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