The new A-Series WaveShaper family offers for most models significantly improved optical specifications, as well as an Ethernet interface with RESTful API for remote configuration and control, and an in-built web-server to allow control from any web browser.

The new A-Series WaveShaper family contains all capabilities of the previous generation WaveShaper instruments. It provides a range of programmable optical filtering and switching solutions for optical R&D and production test applications. Based on Finisar's high resolution, solid-state Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) optical engine, the WaveShaper family delivers extremely fine control of filter characteristics including centre wavelength, bandwidth, shape and, for WaveShaper 1000, 4000 and 16000, dispersion and attenuation.

The WaveShaper A Series instruments include a Web service API which enables the user to remotely configure the device over an Ethernet connection using HTTP commands from any software programming language. In addition, a DLL package is available for Windows-based PCs ensuring full backward compatibility (“drop-in replacement”) with previous generation WaveShaper units.

The WaveAnalyzer High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyser allows picometer resolution spectral analysis in combination with a real-time measurement update rate of up to 10 Hz.

Finisar Waveshaper LCoS Optical Processor Diagram

WaveShaper - How does it work?

The WaveShaper family is based on Finisar’s Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology. As shown schematically in the figure below, the input signal is dispersed by a conventional grating before its spectral components hit the LCoS optical processor. This LCoS processor consists of a matrix of reflective liquid crystal elements. By applying voltages to these matrix elements, they can add individual phase shifts to the reflected signals which allows beam steering of the signal components hitting the LCoS processor. As the wavelengths are separated on the LCoS chip the control of each wavelength is independent of all others and can be switched or filtered without interfering with other wavelengths.

As a result, the structure offers spectral attenuation, dispersion and optical switching capabilities which are available in the WaveShaper family.

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