Introducing the OptoTest OP940-FTTX Insertion Loss and Return Loss Meter

The OP940 system is an Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) meter that features a color LCD screen, an optical reflectance scan mode, programmable pass/fail for editable test criteria and on screen context help. Additionally, the OP940 can measure RL at two positions simultaneously through the front panel and it offers expandable functionality.



  • Simultaneous IL and RL readings
  • Insertion Loss and Return Loss for FTTX
  • Compact, space saving instrument
  • Stabilized laser sources for IL measurement at 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm
  • Easy-to-use OPL-Pro data logging application

OP940 measures RL quickly and accurately without the need for mandrel wrapping or the use of index matching gel, and is available in Single Mode, Multimode, and FTTX variants.

Like other OptoTest equipment, the OP940 supports the USB interface. The OPL-Suite of turnkey software applications fully integrates this instrument into the data acquisition process of a highly-efficient production line.




Optical Power Meter


Measurement Range

+10dBm to - 80dBm

Wavelength Range

830nm to 1700nm

Calibration Wavelength

850/1310/1490/1550/1625 nm

Measurement Resolution (Display)

0.01dBm (absolute) 0.001dB (relative)

Measurement Linearity

(+3dBm to -65dBm)

Relative Accuracy

0.05dB, 0.02dB (loss <10dB)

Optical Source


Source Wavelengths

1310nm ± 10nm 1490nm ± 10nm 1550nm ± 10nm 1625nm ± 10nm

Source Output Power

typical 0dBm

Source Stability

±0.02dB (1hr) ±0.05dB (12hr)

Return Loss Meter


Measurement Range

10dB .. 80dB

Absolute Accuracy

±1dB (10dB to 65dB)

± 2dB (>65dB)

± 5dB (>72dB)



Distance Range

up to 2400m


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