Ultrasonic (18,000rpm) tool for fast, efficient, and reliable cleaning of ceramic v-grooves.

Successor to the original forte® E3-30 V-Groove Brush. 

The forte® E3-31 is a precision cleaning tool that utilises ultrasonic movement and a unique brush head with ultra-fine filaments. The E3-31 is specifically designed to remove dirt particles from the 125um & 80um v-grooves in splicer ceramic blocks.

The E3-31 achieves consistent and reliable performance in the field. Operating at ultrasonic speed, dirt particles removed from the v-grooves are released from the brush filaments, unable to contaminate the ultra-fine bristles.

With a gentle brush, regular use of the E3-31 will ensure the v-grooves are always ready for the next operation.

The E3-31 outperforms the results achieved by other specialist cleaning brushes. Where other specialist brushes utilise 130um bristles, the E3-31 head features filaments that measure just 30um extending 0.5mm from a 180um stem.

Cleaning splicer v-grooves with the forte E3-31 Electric V-Groove Brush

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