Meet the new EXFO D-Series of OTDR solutions. These advanced field-testing tools are essential for critical fibre deployments and network operations in FTTH, RAN Mobile networks, and data centres. The series will include five models: MaxTester 715D for last mile, MaxTester 720D for PON/access, and MaxTester 730D for PON/metro. Additionally, there are two swappable FTB modules, the 720D for PON/access and the 730D for PON/metro.

“The urgency to build out higher capacity networks requires appropriate testing tools that support network construction, activation, and maintenance. In pursuit of these needs, customers around the world have come to rely on our industry-acclaimed OTDRs, it is important to us that we continue to innovate and evolve our solutions as our customers’ needs change. Today’s announcement of best-in-class D-series OTDRs expands EXFO’s leadership in this category, delivering more efficiency, versatility and time saving than ever before.”

-- Étienne Gagnon, senior vice president, Test & Measurement, EXFO

The new line of EXFO D-Series OTDR modules with Swap-Out connectorThe new line of EXFO D-Series OTDR modules with Swap-Out connector

FTBx-730D - PON FTTx/MDU OTDR features

  • Dynamic range up to 39 dB for up to 132 km P2P
  • Support high port count PON splitters (up to 1×128)
  • Short dead zones: event dead zone (EDZ) = 0.5 m; attenuation dead zone (ADZ) = 2.2 m; PON dead zone = 30 m
  • FTTx in-service testing at 1650 nm with optional in-line GPON/XGS-PON power meter
  • Swap-Out connector, replaceable whenever necessary for optimal performance over time without undue service cost and downtime
  • iOLM-ready: one-touch multiple acquisitions, with clear go/no-go
  • 3-year warranty

The D-Series integrates several advanced features into a single solution to enhance efficiency in OTDR field tests. These tools provide versatility and flexibility, which are crucial for field technicians involved in fibre network construction, activation, and maintenance. EXFO’s D-Series includes an optical port connector health monitoring wizard and field-swappable optical port connectors that can be easily replaced in the field when worn. This patented feature allows operators and contractors to maintain optical performance throughout the product's life without the extra cost and downtime associated with returning units for connector replacement, resulting in significant cost savings.

New Swap-Out connector

The new EXFO D-Series OTDR modules feature a Swap-Out connector that can be easily changed without sending the test module to a service centre. This ensures optimal performance over time without unnecessary maintenance costs and downtime. The OTDR's optical connector health can be checked with an onboard diagnostic tool, allowing the connector to be replaced only when necessary.

In addition to these new features, EXFO’s OTDR D-Series is part of a comprehensive ecosystem that connects to EXFO Exchange, a collaborative cloud-based software platform that unifies, automates, and optimises field-testing, reporting, workflows, troubleshooting processes, and more. All test plans, data, and reports can be stored, shared, and analysed collaboratively in real-time, further enhancing field-test efficiency. The D-Series OTDR also combines both optical link mapping and power measurement (optionally a dual-channel PON power meter) through the same device.

By integrating these advanced features, the EXFO D-Series OTDRs provide telecommunications engineers with reliable, efficient, and versatile tools for their fibre network projects.The optical connector port lets technicians switch from power checking to troubleshooting mode without disconnecting the fibre under test to use a separate power meter. This feature greatly boosts testing efficiency.

The new D-series and EXFO’s end-to-end solutions, which support the entire test and measurement ecosystem, will be available for orders and demonstrations from June 2023.


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