Joining the best-selling GX-03 Series 4 and 5-gas monitors, these single and 2 gas monitors are a low cost, compact, and long-lasting personal gas monitoring option for the field.

We are proud to announce the release of the new 04 Series featuring the newly developed ‘R’ sensor installed for improved performance and field durability.

The new lineup includes O2, H2S, CO gas and toxic HCN, NO2, SO2 sensors with one of the world's longest continuous operating times. The 04 Series Sensors have a life expectancy of over 3 years and backed by a 3 year warranty.

The RKI Series 04 lineup offers various sensors and one of the world's longest continuous operating times

Each 04 Series monitor is impact, dust, and water resistant with an IP-67 rating. 04 Series instruments are safe for use in hazardous locations, classified as intrinsically safe IECEx/ATEX.

Additional Series 04 models are being added with NH3 / CL2 & PH3 sensors due later in 2021.


Advanced functions and durability

  1. Now with a continuous operating time of up to 9,000 hours
    1. With these products, we’ve achieved continuous operating times of approximately 9,000 hours*, among the best figures for a compact portable multi gas monitor.
  2. Passed 7 m drop resistance test
    1. Reduces the risk of damage to the device when working in elevated locations for use with confidence.
  3. Incorporates durable new R sensor with advanced functions
    1. Completely upgraded sensors. The sensor’s superior durability and performance are backed by a three-year warranty (one year sensor warranty for OX-04G).
    2. Usable across a wide range of temperatures (-40 °C to +60 °C)
    3. We offer a lineup of carbon monoxide sensors almost entirely resistant to hydrogen interference. They’re ideal for use in environments like steel facilities where hydrogen is present.
    4. RKI are the first Japanese manufacturer to offer a lineup of dual carbon monoxide and oxygen sensors, bringing two-channel detection to the market in a compact and portable form factor.


Full range of functions in a safe, secure design

  1. A safe design you can use anywhere
    1. Protection level: Equivalent to IP66/67; designed to resist dust and water for confident use outdoors.
    2. Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design (ATEX/IECEx/Japan Ex) for use in hazardous locations.
  2. Device power options include rechargeable or alkaline batteries
    1. Select the convenience of universally available alkaline batteries. Or use rechargeable batteries over and over.


Visit the RKI 04 Series page to compare models for your application