AusOptic Interantional is pleased to release the forte E3-30 Electric Brush and Inspection Kit for Ribbon Splicers

The example v-groove below is a customer’s “field maintained” ribbon splicer with about 8 months of field use  with more than 1,000 ribbon splices completed, the machine performed well up until the dirt in the bottom of the v-groove was large enough to interfere with the alignment, no amount of field cleaning and inspection was able to identify or clear the problem, the build-up as seen in image 3 and 4 is at 700x while the field is typically using 7x which leads the technician to consider the v-groove is clean even though it still has some dirt in it.


This cleaning process is easy for the field to carry out, the E3-30 is battery operated, requiring only a slow back and forth motion allowing the vibrating filaments to do their job. This tool used on regular basis keeps the machines v-grooves clean and reduces splice loss.
The E3-30 is available in two kits:
Basic Kit Part No 265024 which includes the E3-30 Electric brush, Brush head, AA batteries, protective cap and soft carry case.
Comprehensive Inspection and Cleaning Kit Part No 265023 which includes the E3-30 Electric Brush, Brush Head (225008), AA batteries, soft carry case, M3-30 V-v-groove brush, 7x illuminated magnifier, 3x eye loupe, electrode sharpener, blower brush, protective caps and micro cotton swabs.

One of the key components is the 30um Filaments (tips) these are exposed for 500um at the end of 180um nylon of the key components is the 30um Filaments (tips) these are exposed for 500um at the end of 180um nylon stems. 

A comparison between the most popular v-groove brush for the field which uses 130um filaments and the forte E3-30 with 30um filaments can be seen in the pictures below.

130um standard bristle on the left and the forte E3-30 with 30um bristles (filaments) on the right (images approx 30x mag).


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