3SAE has developed a highly versatile Combiner Manufacturing System (CMS) capable of tapering, cleaving, splicing, and end capping a diverse range of optical fibers — all in one machine and with unsurpassed process repeatability.

Unlike preexisting glass processing equipment which attempts to accommodate small and large diameter fibers, 3SAE’s new Combiner Manufacturing System produces the industry’s highest quality and process repeatability with fibers ranging from 50ɥm up to 2.5mm. This is accomplished with an adjustable heat zone using 3SAE’s Thermally Stabilized Plasma Technology. This new flagship product is the latest edition to 3SAE’s production-focused glass processing product line.

“The requirements of our clients in high power fiber lasers, medical devices, aerospace and defense demand the utmost precision and production efficiency in the manufacturing of their specific fiber-based components,” said Don Grasso, CEO of 3SAE Technologies. “This is where 3SAE excels,” he explained, citing the company has more than 60 glass processing technology patents for product innovation and process improvements in photonics manufacturing, research and development.

A valuable feature of the 3SAE Combiner Manufacturing System is its Table-Based Tapering™ (TBT) software which enables nearly infinite process flexibility via user-defined tapering algorithms. The machine also offers fully automated 6-axis fiber alignment including pitch and yaw. Consistent with its existing product line, 3SAE’s CMS features an in situ cleaver for location-critical, post-process cleaving.

AusOptic will be present at Photonics West 2016 in San Francisco, Feb. 16-18 to view a demonstration of 3SAE’s new Combiner Manufacturing System in booth #4969.