Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Series Network Master Pro

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Comprehensive OTN testing for metro and core network installation and maintenance. Modular design with field installable modules available including OTDR module, Transport 10G module, Transport 100G module, and CPRI RF modules.
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  • All-in-one portable tester for optical fiber checks and data communications tests
  • Easy-to-operate 9” color touch screen
  • Long-term continuous remote testing using VNC

*This device comes with Linux software. The customer has a right to obtain, modify and redistribute the source codes of this software. Please request from "Contact Us" at the top of this page. Please understand that we cannot respond to questions concerning the content of Linux source codes.


he Network Master Pro MT1000A is a multiplatform portable field tester using a combination of data communications, CPRI Signal Analysis Module and OTDR modules.
It can be customized to support any test need by changing the module configuration.

The intuitive GUI is displayed on an easy-to-use touch panel with quick output of test results in various report formats, including PDF, CSV, etc., greatly reducing operator training as a result. In addition, automated, onsite, long-term monitoring of distant installations is facilitated by powerful remote control functions.

Optical Fiber I&M

  • Transmission loss and OTDR measurements
  • OTDR Module (1310/1550 nm SMF MU100020A,1310/1550/850/1300 nm SMF/MMF MU100021A)
  • OTDR Module (1310/1550/1625nm SMF MU100022A)
  • Wavelength and polarization mode dispersion measurements
  • Fiber end face condition (dust, scratches) inspection (option)


Transport Equipment Installation and Performance Tests

  • All-in-one transport tester
    Supports speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Simultaneous dual-port measurement at all rates
  • WLAN*/Bluetooth*/LAN connections
  • Test reports in PDF, CSV and XML formats
  • Remote GUI operation


Mobile Base Station and Antenna Installation

  • Two SFP ports for CPRI interface
  • Analysis of RF IQ signal frequency characteristics for CPRI data
  • Transmission of fixed IQ patterns


Comprehensive OTN Testing for Metro and Core Networks Installation and Maintenance

Comprehensive OTN Testing for Metro and Core Networks Installation and Maintenance

The MT1000A supports testing of OTN line at the client signal level with Ethernet, CPRI, Fibre Channel and SDH/SONET signals. The MT1000A can also test OTN lines at the line rate with bulk signals. The user can identify problems at all levels in the OTN signal, solving OTN issues efficiently, reducing system downtime, and reducing operating expenses for network operators.

OTN test features include:

  • OTU1, OTU2, OTU1e, OTU2e, OTU1f, OTU2f tests
  • ODU0, ODUflex, ODU1 and ODU2 including ODU0 to ODU2 multistage mapping
  • OTN tests with bulk signals at OTN level
  • Comprehensive OTN error and alarm statistics
  • OTN error performance measurement in accordance with G.8201 or M.2401
  • ITU-T O.182-compliant FEC test
  • Test of Ethernet, CPRI, Fibre Channel or SDH/SONET client signals mapped into OTN signal
  • Delay measurement
  • OTN header edit and capture
  • OTN TCM monitoring and generation
  • Service disruption analysis using APS application
  • OTN tributary scan
  • Full flexibility to monitor insert/overwrite client overhead and payload within OTN signal


Carrier Ethernet Installation and Troubleshooting

Carrier Ethernet Installation and Troubleshooting

The MT1000A is a comprehensive solution for easy testing, installing, and faster troubleshooting of Ethernet lines up to 10 Gbps which can help lower operating costs such as cutting additional truck rolls, tech support calls, and customer churn to improve operating expenses.

Ethernet test features include:

  • Ethernet tests at 10 Gbps, 1 Gbps, 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps
  • Traffic generation up to full line rate
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Ethernet Service Activation Test (Y.1564)
  • Automated RFC 2544 tests of Throughput, Frame Loss, Latency or Packet Jitter and Burstability
  • TCP Throughput option (RFC 6349)
  • BER tests – include Frame Loss and Sequence Error tests
  • Service disruption measurements
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Filters – to extract relevant parts of traffic
  • Thresholds – to highlight abnormalities
  • Simultaneous monitoring in both line directions
  • IP Channel Statistics to identify error streams, top talkers, network attacks
  • Ethernet OAM tests
  • 10G WAN-PHY tests
  • Synchronous Ethernet test (ITU-T G.826x and IEEE 1588 v2)
  • Ethernet Multistream
  • Stacked VLAN (Q-in-Q)
  • MPLS tests
  • MPLS-TP and PBB tests
  • Ping
  • Traceroute
  • Frame capture for protocol analysis with Wireshark
  • Electrical cable tests and optical signal level displays


Mobile Backhaul Installation and Verification

Mobile Backhaul Installation and Verification

The MT1000A supports Synchronous Ethernet testing and analysis of both Synchronous Ethernet technologies: SyncE (ITU-T G.826x), and PTP (IEEE 1588 v2). The user can quickly identify problems at all levels in Synchronous Ethernet, solving issues quickly, reducing system downtime and customer churn, and improving operating expenses for mobile operators.

Mobile Backhaul test features include:

  • Test and analysis of Synchronous Ethernet:
    • SyncE (ITU-T G.826x)
    • PTP (IEEE 1588 v2)
    • G.8265.1 and IEEE 1588 v2 profile for telecommunication
  • Synchronous Ethernet run together with normal Ethernet functions including:
    • Ethernet tests at 10 Gbps, 1 Gbps, 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps
    • Ethernet Service Activation Test (Y.1564)
    • Automated RFC 2544 tests of Throughput, Frame Loss, Latency or Packet Jitter and Burstability
    • BER tests – include Frame Loss and Sequence Error tests
    • Service disruption measurements


Mobile Fronthaul Installation and Verification

Mobile Fronthaul Installation and Verification

The MT1000A supports from CPRI interface rate option 1 (614.4 Mbps) to option 8 (10.1376 Gbps) and OBSAI from 768 Mbps to 6.144 Gbps, ensuring tests for all current and future requirements.

Mobile Fronthaul test features include:

  • CPRI/OBSAI L1 test
  • CPRI L2 test
  • Pass-through monitoring
  • CPRI over OTN


Powerful Storage Area Networking (SAN) Testing

Powerful Storage Area Networking (SAN) Testing

The MT1000A is the perfect tool for deploying Fibre Channel up to 10 Gbps and also supports OTN, Ethernet, CPRI/OBSAI, SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn. The MT1000A gives the user less equipment to maintain and learn, helping reduce operating expenses.

Fibre Channel test features include:

  • 1GFC, 2GFC, 4GFC, 8GFC, and 10GFC tests
  • Optional mapping to OTN
  • Latency measurement
  • BER tests including service disruption measurement
  • Line alarm and error monitor
  • Normal or Reflector mode


Quick and Easy Tests of SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn Networks

Quick and Easy Tests of SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn Networks

The MT1000A is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for testing SDH/SONET. PDH/DSn systems can be tested directly or embedded into SDH/SONET. The MT1000A can support new and legacy technologies, leaving the user less equipment to maintain and learn, and reducing operating expenses.

SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn test features include:

  • Powerful testing of SDH (STM-64, STM-16, STM-4, STM-1), SONET (OC-192, OC-48, OC-12, OC-3, STS-3) systems and embedded PDH (E1, E3, E4) and DSn (DS1, DS3) systems
  • Powerful testing of PDH (E1, E3, E4) and DSn (DS1, DS3) systems
  • Simultaneous bi-directional monitoring of SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn lines
  • SDH/SONET mapping and de-mapping of PDH/DSn signals
  • Comprehensive error and alarm statistics
  • SDH/SONET overhead byte testing and monitoring
  • SDH/SONET tributary scan
  • SDH/SONET pointer event generation and monitoring
  • SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn delay measurements
  • Analysis of service disruption with APS application



LTE Spectrum Monitoring of CPRI RF Uplink/Downlink

With the new CPRI RF module installed in the Anritsu Network Master™ Pro MT1000A, wireless carrier engineers and technicians responsible for optical fiber testing, and solving interference and PIM issues have a single handheld solution for accurate and efficient LTE CPRI testing and verification of the latest generation of tower mounted radios (Remote Radio Heads).

Support for all leading RRH radios is provided by the new CPRI RF module. It allows the Network Master Pro MT1000A to conduct RF-based LTE measurements over a fiber optic CPRI link at ground level, eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of climbing a tower. Designed with two SFP ports, the RF module allows CPRI Spectrum, CPRI Spectrogram, SFP Data, and CPRI Layer 2 Alarms and Optical Power measurements to be made.

CPRI RF test features include:

  • Displays LTE spectrum of ALU/Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei CPRI radios
  • Fast update rate to capture intermittent interferers
  • Spectrum pan and zoom for detailed analysis of interferers
  • Spectrogram display captures and holds data for intermittent interferers
  • Two SFP slots for simultaneous uplink and downlink testing
  • SFP data reading and display
  • Layer 2 alarm monitoring and display
  • Auto configuration of CPRI parameters
  • Modular design for use with MT1000A OTDR and 10G transport test modules
  • Battery powered for field use

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Manufacturer Anritsu
Product Series Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro
Type OTDR Platforms, IP / Ethernet Testers, Modular Test Platforms
Industry Installers and Contractors (OSP), Telecommunications, Carriers, Service and Content Providers, Campus Networks, Data Centres, Enterprise Networks
Applications Carrier Field Test Instruments, Ethernet/IP Network Data Analysers, Multi-Layer Network Field Testing, SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn and OTN Analysers, System Emulation (Loss, length, time delay and reflectance)
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