3SAE Auto Strip II System

SKU #479021 | MFR #AUT-01-0002
Automatic mid-span fiber stripping unit utilising Burst Technology™.
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3SAE Auto Strip II

The AutoStripII is designed for fast, chemical free window stripping of optical fibers. Utilizing our patented Burst Technology™, it accomplishes the often difficult task of window stripping fibers with acrylate coating diameters up to 1,000 μm. The AutoStripII meets the need for variable window strip lengths at high strength and ultra cleanliness.

The proven Burst Technology™ method instantly vaporizes the fiber coating. The result is a clean, stripped fiber, at substantially higher strength than any mechanical stripping method. The fiber is free of debris at 400x magnification. The AutoStripII is also equipped with a built-in, high force, fiber tensile tester, which can pull the fiber up to 235 kpsi (20 N).

To insure high quality, repeatability and high production yield, all critical processes and parameters such as stripping distance, burst temperature, burst speed, and strength test are controlled automatically by a built-in microprocessor. The AutoStripII can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into different sub-systems. The use of chemicals for high strength fiber stripping is now a thing of the past!


Product Features

  • Chemical-Free (No cleaning or stripping chemicals required)
  • Easy low-maintenance bench top design
  • Fast cycle time
  • High first pass yield
  • Accommodates acrylate coating fiber diameters up to 600 μm. Custom nozzles up to 1,000 μm.
  • Software adjustable parameters
  • Automated fiber clamps
  • Variable window strip lengths from 2 mm up to 150 mm
  • Built-in high force linear tensile tester
  • Built-in graphical LCD control
  • Storage up to 10 programs


Product Features

  • Dimensions: 465 (W) x 315 (D) x 225 (H) mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Power Source: 115 - 230 V AC
  • Compressed Air: External compressor, 95 psi - 5 SCFM flow
  • PC Interface: RS232C
  • Fiber Cladding: 125-400 μm
  • Fiber Strength: Typical >35 N on 125 μm fiber
  • Fiber Cleanliness: Free of debris at 400x magnification
  • Stripping Distance: 2-150 mm
  • Tensile Strength Tester: 0-20 N
  • Pulling Speed: 20-100 mm/min
  • Hold Time: 0-5 s


Standard Package and Accessories

Product Qty
Standard Package  
Power Cord 1
User’s Manual 1
8 mm to 1/4 inch NPT Adaptor 1
Air Line 6 feet at 8 mm 1



More Information
Manufacturer 3SAE
Manufacturer Part Number AUT-01-0002
Product Series 3SAE Auto Strip II System
Fiber Compatibility Large Diameter Fiber (LDF)
Industry Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defence, Fiber Optic Lasers, Medical, Optical Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Research
Applications LDF (Large Diameter Fiber), Interferometric fiber optic sensing, Fiber Optic Tapering, OCD (Optical Combiner Development), LIDAR and remote sensing, Tunable heterodyne source
Standard Package Contains
Warranty Notes AusOptic Genuine Product Guarantee
Authorised distributor, benefit from manufacturer-backed, local warranty coverage, genuine parts, and our experienced local support team
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